National Intelligence Service

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National Intelligence Service
Emblem of the DST
Agency overview
Formed1 October 2014 (as the National Intelligence Division)
22 May 2017 (as the National Intelligence Agency)
JurisdictionSabia and Verona
HeadquartersKotavari, Gonn
Agency executive

The National Intelligence Service (Sabian: dogasanakoritenói), commonly known by its Sabian initials as DST, is a special agency of the Sabioveronese government concerned with the assessment of foreign and domestic intelligence. Additionally, it produces and distributes government propaganda alongside the Arts Division. Originally founded as the National Intelligence Division in 2014, it was a government ministry (division) until 2017, when it was reformed into an agency dependent on the Defense Division.


The National Intelligence Division was formally founded by Prime Minister Bertrand Rivière in the formation of the sixth government following the September 2014 general election. The first Secretary of Intelligence was Leandro Casablanca, an expert on military intelligence who participated in the Three-King revolt in 2012.[1] The division was founded to provide information on the Left Alliance and Pashqari People's Party's movements and actions, but it was directly created as a ministerial agency instead of a military one, as Rivière was distrustful of the Royal Armed Forces, deeming them too close to Napoléon Bleuberrie's socialist circles.

After Rivière's resignation, the division was reformed entirely with NNS agents in Alios. Native Aliosikar Balthassar Valoty was named Secretary of Intelligence in the 7th government, but was soon replaced by Boris Tovinski, a former Bleuberrist hardliner Army general who is often regarded as one of the masterminds behind the 2013 coup attempt.[2][3] An international component was added to the division's functions with Tovinski's oversight. Tovinski retained his cabinet post following the formation of the 8th government.[4]

List of Directors

Before this point, all directors were officially Secretaries of Intelligence, that is to say, members of the cabinet.

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