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Salisse Prefecture
vaonakurói srisann

Néshela Suzujanê
(Middle Sabian: "The Head of the Snake")

Location of Salisse in Sabia and Verona
CountrySabia and Verona
GovernmentPrefecture in an autonomous region
- PrefectLeandro Casablanca
Population12 (2014)
Time zoneUTC-4:30

The City of Salisse (/sæˈlɪz/; Sabian: loš srisann; Spanish: Ciudad de Saliz), formerly known as Saint Enric, is the third largest city of Sabia and Verona, and the capital and of the Region of Sabia. It was the Kingdom's capital city until 2015, when the government moved to the newly created city of Alios. Salisse is the main settlement of the Northern Territories, and with a population of 12, it is the second most populated location in Sabia and Verona.

Salisse has historically been the capital of many micronations in the Valtir Sector. Until 2015, all of Sabia and Verona's provincial government offices were located in Salisse, including the Hešonsinna (the former official residence of the Prime Minister, now the official residence of the Governor of Sabia), the Palace of Lirvetta (the meeting place of the former Courts of Sabia and Verona) and military bases for the National Guard.


The city was the first settlement to be established in Sabia and Verona's territory. The name "Salisse" comes from the Duchy of Salisse, a leal ducado of the Holy Dussesh Empire. "Salisse" is the proper English spelling, and it's also commonly used in Sabia and Verona. Originally it was named Saint Enric in honour to St. Henry, being Enric the Catalan equivalent to the name. Salisse quickly gained reasons to become the regional capital, and the government settled in it.

On October 18, 2012, the first meeting of the Courts of Sabia and Verona in Salisse agreed that city would be the Sabioveronese capital. The Courts settled in the city and soon after the introduction of Sabia and Verona into Juclandia, the municipality's infrastructure evolved and became the most advanced of the region. In January 2013, part of the city's south and southwestern districts were separated and formed the free city of Elinore, part of the Kóvérsz government's infrastructure reforms.

On 2 July 2014 the settlement of Agâmilosh was separated from Salisse and the Municipality was renamed as the Capital Territory, becoming the third municipality to have more than once city within its borders (after Aguasblancas and Tegula). It was accorded the capital town of Sabia and Verona would be known as the City of Salisse, while the Capital Territory served as the Municipality englobing Salisse and Agâmilosh.

On August 2014 all of Sabia and Verona underwent yet another territorial reorganization and the Capital Territory was renamed to the Salisse Prefecture, and a small part of Elinore was granted to it while the City of Agâmilosh was given to the Abrelia Prefecture.

On August 2015 the Haronos Plan went into effect and the Sabioveronese government moved to the new city of Alios, dividing Sabia and Verona into the Northern Territories and the Southern Territories. Salisse remained the capital of the Sabian Region, and despite losing its position as the largest city in Sabia and Verona to the new capital, it's still by far the largest city in the Northern Territories and the main political and economic centre in the Mainland.


As a prefecture, Salisse is directly administered by a democratically elected prefect, or mayor. The one-person prefectural government is subordinated to the regional government, in the case of Salisse, the government of Sabia. The Prefect of Salisse is Leandro Casablanca, an independent (presently, one of two independent prefects in Sabia and Verona).

List of leaders

Name Started Ended Party Notes
Ulla Müller 20 October 2012 20 October 2013 Socialist Mayor / Lieutenant Secretary
Ernesto DaVilha 20 October 2013 23 February 2014 Socialist Lieutenant Secretary
Snø Jens 23 February 2014 4 August 2015 Socialist / Left Lieutenant Secretary
John Lingyi 4 August 2015 21 April 2017 Unity Lieutenant Secretary
Leandro Casablanca 21 April 2017 present Independent Prefect