Alios Agreement

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Alios Agreement
Created 28 February 2016
Ratified 28 February 2016
Authors Ciprian of Juclandia
Signers Kingdom of Juclandia Juclandia
Kingdom of Sabia and Verona Sabia and Verona
Purpose Disestablishing the government of the Federal Union of Juclandian Lands; re-establish the Union as an intermicronational economic and cultural alliance.

The Alios Agreement (Romanian: Acordul de la Alios; Spanish: Acuerdo de Alios) is a treaty signed between members of the Federal Union of Juclandian Lands (FUJL) in which it was agreed to disestablish the Federation as a micronation, giving its member states full independence, and re-establishing the Union as an intermicronational economic and cultural alliance. It is named after the city of Alios, the capital of Sabia and Verona, established a few months before the signing of the agreement as a result of the Haronos Plan.

The agreement was written by Ciprian Sorin, King of Juclandia, and signed by the leaders of Juclandia and Sabia and Verona. Initially, it was also expected that Ayrshire would also sign the agreement. Despite it not being the native language of any of the sides, the treaty was written in English.


The Federal Union of Juclandian Lands was established on 23 February 2014 as a way to give the overseas territories of the Kingdom of Juclandia more autonomy to govern themselves and further expand the Juclandian sphere of influence. Juclandia had, over time, adquired territories in Europe and North and South America; the first overseas territory of Juclandia outside Micras was the duchy of Tianita, established by Joseph Puglisi of Tiana.[1]

When the Federation was established, it counted with eight provinces: three former Juclandian overseas territories (Sabia and Verona, Ayrshire and Frieden), three new territories (Burlatia, Urcensia and Leonida), the former Juclandian region of Lenia and the Kingdom of Juclandia itself. Frieden left the Federation in April 2014, as its leader Eren Lewis turned it into an Islamic republic.

Inactivity was quick to overcome the Federal government, and in September 2014 the Federation was taken over by a transitional government.[2] The transitional council was highly ineffective, and the FUJL spiraled down into decline. 2015 was an important year for both Juclandia and Sabia and Verona internally, and the federal government was largely ignored by the Federation's member states.[3]

Shortly after the second anniversary of the Federation in 2016, Juclandia and Sabia and Verona signed the Alios Agreement, effectively disestablishing the Federation as a micronation and re-establishing it as an economic and cultural union between some of the former FUJL member states, and giving full independence to them.[3]