Constitution of Juclandia

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Constitution of the Juclandian Republic
Cover of the Constitution
Cover of the Constitution
Created 29 December 2014 - 29 April 2015
Ratified 1 May 2015
Location The Royal Palace of Jucărești
Authors National Constituent Assembly
Signers The People of Juclandia assembled in the National Constituent Assembly

The Constitution of the Juclandian Republic (Romanian: Constituția Republicii Juclandeze) is the fundamental law of Juclandia. It was adopted by the National Constituent Assembly on the 1st of May 2015, which was declared one of Juclandia's national holidays.

The Constitution was significantly amended in the summer of 2017, and the new version entered into force on 23 August 2017. Before that date, the constitution was officially named the Constitution of the Kingdom of Juclandia.


Title Structure General description
Title I - General principles
Title II - Fundamental rights, freedoms, and obligations
Title III - Institutions of the Republic
  • Chapter 1: Great National Assembly
  • Chapter 2: Royal Government of Juclandia
  • Section A: Council of State
  • Section B: Council of Ministers
  • Section C: Council of Justice
  • Chapter 3: King of Juclandia
  • Chapter 4: Relations between the Great National Assembly and the Royal Government
Title IV - Administrative Divisions
Title V - Economy and Public Finances
Title VI - The Royal Army
Title VII - Final Provisions

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