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Juclandian general election, 2015

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Juclandian presidential election, 2015
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  OviaB.jpg Placeholdermale.png
Candidate Ovia Bogi Frog Libereanu
Party Popular Unity Template:/meta/shortname Democratic Renewal
Running mate Cocolino Jucărescu Ursache Libereanu
Popular vote 84 31
Percentage 55.26% 20.40%

  IepuricaD.jpg Placeholdermale.png
Candidate Iepurica Democrescu Michel Souris
Party United Revolutionary Independent
Running mate Bestia Reformescu Kaliú Ansip
Popular vote 29 8
Percentage 19.08% 5.26%

President before election

Ovia Bogi
Popular Unity

Elected President

Ovia Bogi
Popular Unity

General elections were held in Juclandia on 2 August 2015, in order to elect the Presidency of Juclandia and 12 of the 15 members of the Council of State. It was Juclandia's 6th general election after the country became a Kingdom in August 2015 and the first to be held after the adoption of a new constitution in May 2015.

The new constitution transformed the Great National Assembly into an unicameral legisative assembly based on direct democracy (all Juclandia's provincial citizens are members of the Assembly). As a result, parliamentary elections are no longer held in the country.

The term of the Presidency of Juclandia was extended to two years. Ovia Bogi was re-elected President of Juclandia from the first round, being the first candidate in history to manage to win a majority without the need of a run-off. Elections for the Council of State were held in 12 single-member constituencies related to the country's 12 co-operatives, using the first-past-the-post system.


Opinion polling

Polling Firm Date Iepurica Democrescu Frog Libereanu Ovia Bogi Michel Souris
IRS 10/06/2015 19% 17% 54% 10%
IRS 19/06/2015 24% 19% 49% 8%
IRS 30/06/2015 22% 21% 52% 5%
IRS 07/07/2015 25% 21% 47% 7%
IRS 14/07/2015 23% 22% 46% 9%
TRUDSTAT 19/07/2015 20% 16% 58% 6%
IRS 22/07/2015 20% 21% 49% 10%
IRS 27/07/2015 24% 23% 48% 5%


Code Constituency name Size Party Before election Party After election
N1 Royal 12   United Revolutionary Front Bestia Reformescu   United Revolutionary Front Leopold Jucărescu
N2 Truda 14   Popular Unity Front Zydrunas Skaicius   Popular Unity Front Miaunel Comuneanu
N3 Orizont 12   Popular Unity Front Rilă Populescu   Popular Unity Front Rilă Populescu
N4 Augusta 13   United Revolutionary Front Fram Jucărescu   United Revolutionary Front Fram Jucărescu
N5 Evora and Etekler 13   Independent Ștrumfilă Florescu   Independent Ștrumfilă Florescu
N6 Libra Spiti 17   Independent Voinas Iobek   United Revolutionary Front Alikis Prasinos
S1 Briviba Main 12   United Revolutionary Front Babar Democrescu   United Revolutionary Front Arici Democrescu
S2 Briviba and Minjunova 12   Independent Kusch Niedlich   Independent Kusch Niedlich
S3 Minjunova Main 16   Popular Unity Front Apolodor Tucinac   Popular Unity Front Apolodor Tucinac
S4 Elefteria 13   Democratic Renewal Front Rico Sima   Democratic Renewal Front Rico Sima
S5 Voiteies 12   Democratic Renewal Front Leo Libereanu   Democratic Renewal Front Ursache Libereanu
S6 Macul Roșu 14   United Revolutionary Front Kermit Henson   United Revolutionary Front Kermit Henson


Presidential elections

e • d Summary of the 2 August 2015 Juclandian presidential election results
Candidates Votes %
Candidate Running mate Endorsing party
Ovia Bogi Cocolino Jucărescu Popular Unity Front 84 55.26%
Frog Libereanu Ursache Libereanu Democratic Renewal Front 31 20.40%
Iepurica Democrescu Bestia Reformescu United Revolutionary Front 29 19.08%
Michel Souris Kaliú Ansip (FRU) Independent 8 5.26%
Total valid votes 152 99.35%
Total votes 153 100%
Eligible voters (turnout) 159 96.33%
Total citizens 178  

Council of State elections

e • d Summary of the 2 August 2015 Council of State elections results
Parties and coalitions Votes  % Elected seats  % Swing App. seats Total seats
  Popular Unity Front 52 35.86% 3 25% 2 5
  United Revolutionary Front 47 32.41% 5 41.6% 0 5
  Independent candidates 21 14.48% 2 16.7% 0 2
  Democratic Renewal Front 18 12.41% 2 16.7% 1 3
  Against all 7 4.84% N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Total 145 100% 12   3 15
Spoilt and null votes 0 0
Votes cast 145 100%
Registered voters / turnout 159
Source: Scânteia


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