Communist Party of Juclandia

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Communist Party of Juclandia
Last General SecretaryTeddy Populescu
Last First SecretaryEzis Comuneanu
DissolvedJune 2015
Membership (June 2013)19
IdeologyCommunism (Orthodox)
Political positionFar-left
ColorsRed, Golden

The Juclandian Communist Party (Romanian: Partidul Comunist Juclandez, PCJ) was a far-left political party in Juclandia, which advocated various interventionist policies in the national economy. The party was founded by far-left Socialist Christian-Democratic Party members, who wanted more leftist policies being adopted by the government. For years it has been one of the smallest parties in Juclandia, with around one or two members in each legislature of the Great National Assembly, until in 2011, when a whole trade union has joined the Party, propelling it to one of the main parties in Juclandia.

The party was dissolved in June 2015 and merged into the Popular Unity Front.


The Communist Party of Juclandia was founded in 2007 under the leadership of working class citizens that were formerly members of the Socialist Party.

In 2010 it has joined the National Workers' Bloc in a struggle to keep the Government free of right-wing elements. After one MP from the CDU and one from the Liberal Democrats have left their respective parties and joined the Communist Party, the party has raised from the 6th place to the 4th place, surpassing both National Reform Party and Christian Democratic Union.

Popular support

Throughout its history, the Communist Party had a relatively low level of popularity among Juclandians, managing to enter first time in Parliament only in 2010, with 4.2% of the votes and 3.85% of the seats. Since the 2009 economic crisis in Romania, that affected Cipimania Region in Juclandia, the party started to gain popularity for its support of abolishing the free market.

At the last parliamentary election in December 2012, the party got 17.2% of the votes and 4 seats in the Assembly of Deputies.