Kingdom of Novolandia

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Kingdom of Novolandia
Crown Dependency of Juclandia
Coat of arms
CapitalNew Jucărești
Largest cityGoriton
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
LegislatureParliament of Novolandia
EstablishmentSeptember 24, 2011
• Census
CurrencyNovolandian Coupon

The Kingdom of Novolandia is a crown possession of the King of Juclandia, placed under the nominal authority of the Kingdom of Juclandia. While considered part of Juclandia for international purposes, the Kingdom is completely separated from Juclandia and is ruled as an absolute monarchy by the Juclandian King.

As Novolandia is a virtual country situated on the planet of Micras, its citizens do not exist physically under any form, neither as humans, nor as plush toys.


The name Novolandia comes from a combination of "Novo" and "Landia", literally meaning "The New Lands".


Novolandia was founded on 24 September 2011 as a colony of Juclandia on Micras. The country was initially granted the status of sui generis Kingdom under direct control of the Great National Assembly, but it was granted full autonomy on 1 October, with the Great National Assembly retaining its right to rescind any autonomy at its will.

On 1 January 2012, the country was transformed into a crown dependency of Juclandia and it was placed under the direct control of the King of Juclandia, being considered a de facto personal possession of the Juclandian Crown.

With the adoption of the 2015 Constitution, the status of Novolandia has become unclear, but it has continued to be considered under the direct authority of the King, with the Great National Assembly having no say in its internal affairs.

Foreign relations

Novolandia does not have foreign relations on its own, as it is considered an integral part of Juclandia for any purposes of foreign affairs.

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