Islamic Republic of Frieden

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Islamic Republic of Frieden
دولة فريدين
Coat of arms
Anthem: TBD
File:North Eastern Massachusetts
CapitalNew New Tripoli
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentIslamic Republic, Single Party Benevolent Dictatorship
• President for Life
His Excellency, Jacob Lewis
• Prime Minister
Kieron Schweitzer
LegislatureRevolutionary Council
Establishment18th September 2013
• Census
CurrencyFriedenish Dinar
Time zoneEST

Frieden (Arabic: دولة فريدين) was a landlocked micronation located in the U.S. state of Massachusetts.

Frieden was an Islamic Republic. It was lead completely by the President, who was elected for life. He controlled all Judicial, Legislative, Executive, and Religious power in Frieden. The Prime Minister, who served as his advisory and spokesperson of the Revolutionary Council, the Legislation of the nation. He was elected by the people, but the vote could be vetoed by the President.


The first incarnation of Frieden traces back to 18 September 2012, when it was founded under the name of the Federal Republic of Frieden by Elizabeth Lewis. However, it is considered to be the successor state of New Libya, a micronation that intended to be a rip-off of Qaddafi's Libya. This can explain why Libyan and Arabic culture is spread within the borders of Frieden. For months the country did not have any significant event, and its activity levels were considerably low.

Güldağ and Juclandia

On 4 August 2013, Frieden joined the Federal Republic of Güldağ as a federation, after prolonged talks and relative close diplomacy with the latter nation. Days after it joined, an unrest that is considered by local Friedenish people to be a Revolution took place in the town of Jaroom. The central government of Güldağ has blamed Jacob Lewis for the unrest, and the Federal Court has decided to strip Lewis of his citizenship and expel Frieden from the Federal Republic. Frieden reorganised itself as an independent republic and adopted a law that now recognises resident plush toys as citizens.

On 1 October 2013, Frieden joined the Kingdom of Juclandia as an Overseas Territory, after a trial period of almost two months.

Frieden Leaves Juclandia

In early January, after a supposed Islamophobic comment made by King Ciprian, many people in New Benghazi, (Mostly Muslims) protested publicly for secession and separation from Juclandia. Protests began to die down when King Ciprian privately apologized to the People of Frieden.

On February 17, the Nation went through Major reforms, turning Frieden from a Parliamentary Democracy into a Direct Democracy until a new Constitution could be written. The Kingdom of Juclandia, and its overseas territories, formed a union known as the Federal Union of Juclandian Lands.

On May 28, the Friedenish Government filed to the Federal Government a request to secede from the FUJL. Slowly, reforms of the national Symbolism and Government came in, including the termination of the recognition of plush toys as citizens. On June 3, 2014, the Constitutional Monarchy was abolished by the Supreme Council, it being replaced by a Republican form of Government. Elizabeth Lewis was elected President almost immediately after by the Council. She appointed her good friend Kieron Schweitzer as the Provisional Prime Minister, until elections could be held after the secession from Juclandia. On the 10th of June, 2014, Frieden seceded from the Federal Union of Juclandian Lands. For a short time Frieden was governed as a Direct Democratic Republic, but an executive action was passed, effectively making Frieden an Islamic Republic. Elizabeth Lewis was declared President for life, after winning 100% of the votes in a nationwide election.


On 15 August 2014, the President declared that Frieden and all of its territories where to be annexed to the United States, ending Friedens two years as an independent nation.


Frieden is governed as an Islamic Republic, with Sarajjevite Islam being its official religion. The President serves as head of state, and government, holding complete Judiciary, Executive, and Legislative decisions. The President must, every year in September appoint an advisory council, similar to a Cabinet to give him advice on policy. The Revolutionary Council serves as the legislation of Frieden, its 12 seats being elected by the people and approved by the President.


The Economy of Frieden is based on mainly agricultural and clothing exports. Frieden is officially Free Market, although many state-owned enterprises are the biggest contributions to the economy of Frieden.

Administrative Divisions

The Federation is made up of 3 Districts, New Tripolitania, New Fezzan, and New Cyrenaica. each having their own regional assembly. Territories and colonies of Frieden are governed by Small Councils. Inside the District of New Tripolitania, there is an area known as Terentia, (Austenasian Crown Dependency) when, during the foundation of the nation, it was decided it would not be incorporated into the nation, and remain only a property of the land's family.


Friedens culture is based on Islamic, Arabic, and some African cultures. Much of Friedens culture is taken from Iraq, Syria, and Libya. Pan-Islamism and Islamic Nationalism serve as guiding ideologies in the nation. It is appropriate to say Frieden is an attempt to emulate Islamic-Arabic states seen in the middle east in a western nation.

Political Parties

Party Name Logo Short name Leader Position Colours Seats
Revolutionary Council
Ba'athist Socialist National Party of Frieden Ba'athist Jacob Lewis Center Red, Blue,Green,White
12 / 12