Federal Republic of Güldağ

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Flag of Guldag.png
Emblem of Guldag.png

Ex Unitate Vires
(From unity, strenght)
No official anthem
Map of Guldag.png
Capital city Yenişehir-city, Yenişehir
Official language(s) Federal: English, Dutch
National: Turkish, German, Arabic
Demonym Güldağish
Government Federal Parliamentary Republic
- Federal President Şerife Can
- Prime Minister Deniz Akgül
Legislature Parliament
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 10
Established August 1, 2013
Area claimed 25,121 km2 (Estimate)
Population 41
Currency Güldağish Roses
Time zone Varies

The Federal Republic of Güldağ (Dutch: Federale Republiek Güldağ, Turkish: Güldağ Federatif Cumhuriyeti, German: Bundesrepublik Güldağ, Arabic: رية الاتحادية روز الجب) or simply Güldağ, is a self-declared transcontinental sovereign state, with claimed territory in Antarctica and North America governed as a Federal republic. It is a state composed of many different types of nations, termed "Federations".

The Federal Republic of Güldağ is a parliamentary republic and Federal state with a Federal President, Şerife Can and administered by a parliament. The nation is a highly devolved state, with local and cantonal governments in all federations.

Güldağ, has a mixed market economy and is a large welfare state.



The proposal for the formation of a state was made by Deniz Akgül on August 1, 2013 and work began on forming the micronation the same day with Akgül becoming the de facto leader. The form of government was decided on same day, the name was already made up earlier, to be the "Güldağ".

Government and politics

Politics of Güldağ is played within a federal parliamentary model, with the larger Parliament as its centrepiece. Güldağ has a multi-party system, with two or three parties. The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic is first among equals, head of government and leader of the Parliament as Speaker. The judiciary is independent of the executive and the legislature. It is headed by the Supreme Court under the Supreme Judge and his two assistents.


Name Joined Left
Flag-of-yenisehir.png Yenişehir August 1, 2013 August 18, 2013 (United into Republic of Cvetosadovo)
Flag-of-lalezar.png Lalezar August 1, 2013 August 18, 2013 (United into Republic of Cvetosadovo)
Flag-of-frieden.png Frieden August 4, 2013 August 17, 2013

Political Parties

Party Ideology Founded Leader
UG.png Nationalism, Big tent 2013 Deniz Akgül
LGP.png Socialism, Green politics 2013 Mirza Büçkün
CPG.png Maoism 2013 None

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Güldağ is the main judicial body of the Federal Republic, it consists of the Supreme Judge and two assistents, the current supreme judge is Demraz Büçkün. The main job of the Supreme Court is to handle all court cases which happen on a federal level and all cases which have already been in the courts of the individual Federations.

Defense, Law and order

Upholding national safety and defense of all federations is handled by the federal government, which itself distributes it's workload among numerous departments;

  • Federal Security Organisation (FSO), being the federal police force.
  • Güldağish Armed Forces (GAF), being in charge of defense of the nation as a whole.

Law is uphold by on regional level, each federation has a Attorney-general, which has been appointed by the federal government, (s)he is the public prosecutor in criminal and civil cases.

Foreign Relations

Recognised; no relations

Recognized; Mutual recognition


Güldağ has a developing company mainly focussed on selling services rather then products.

Federal Bank

The Federal Bank of Güldağ also known as simply the Bank of Güldağ or BG, is the currency bank of Güldağ. All citizens and corporations are required to have a account registered with them. The Federal Bank is also known for giving out loans to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Güldağ Roses

The Güldağ Rose(s) is the currency of the Federal Republic, it is being pegged to 0,10€ , and it has notes of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 in exchange.

Culture and Media

The Culture between the federations in the federal republic varies greatly, it is said that on a federal level culture is influenced by the Turkish Republic. One of the most popular drinks in the Federation of Yenişehir is Raki a strong anice flavored alcoholic beverage.


According to the Güldağish constitution, freedom of speech, the press, and all other media is guaranteed, with some limitations regarding age for certain type of content, the media is generally free to do as it wants.

Güldağ Posta

The Güldağ Posta is an independent newspaper registered within the Federal Republic of Güldağ as a Private Limited, it’s dedicated to provide the most up-to-date information about the Federal Republic and its happening, as well as to highlight the events from abroad in a neutral and balanced way.

National holidays

Date Name Description
1 January New Year's Day
5 April Birthday of the Prime Minister's cat Birthday of Pamuk
1 August Independence day
17 October Founder's day Birthday of Deniz Akgül, founder of the federal republic
9 December Birthday of the Federal President Birthday of Şerife Can

References and Notes