Prime Minister of Güldağ

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Flag of Guldag.png Prime Minister of Güldağ Flag of Guldag.png
Premier van Güldağ
Güldağ Başbakanı
The Right Honourable
Deniz Akgül

Formation August I, 2013

Term length Two years

Appointed by President of Güldağ

Inaugural holder Deniz Akgül

The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Güldağ (Dutch: Premier van Güldağ) also known as the Prime Minister (Dutch: Premier) is the head of Government of Güldağ. The Prime Minister's term of office lasts for two years. And according to the Güldağish order of precedence, the office is ceremonially the second most important, in reality it has the most power and thus is the most important member of the Güldağish government.