Juclandian Republics

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Country of Toys (2001 - 2003)
Socialist Democratic State of Toys (2003 - 2007)
Socialist Democratic State of Romania (2007 - 2008)
Socialist Republic of Juclandia (2008 - 2010)
Țara Jucăriilor
Republica Socialistă Juclandia
Coat of arms
Anthem: Ode to Joy (2004-2006)
Tricolorul (2006-2010)
and largest city
Heaven of Toys (2001-2003)
Jucărești (2003-2010)
Official languagesRomanian
• First and last President
Ciprian C. (2001-2003; 2005-2010)
• Second President
Bestia Reformescu (2003-2005)
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EstablishmentSeptember 2001
Juclandian Leu
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Juclandia

The Socialist Republic of Juclandia is the last official name of Juclandia under a republican government, a succession of governments that preceded the current Kingdom of Juclandia until August 2010. The state in its first form was founded in September 2001 under the name of the Land of Toys (Țara Jucăriilor). As the political system gradually developed and legal innovations were made, the country has seen four incarnations, that are now named by Juclandian historians the First, the Second, the Third and the Fourth Juclandian Republic.

An elective monarchy was declared in Juclandia on 23 August 2010, two years after the country declared independence from Romania. Until 23 August 2008, the official interpretation of the country's existence was a sovereign entity within Romania made as both an alternative government and a state for ignored minorities. In this case, the ignored minorities are considered to be plush toys, which have benefited from the status of full citizens since the country's foundation in 2001.


At the beginning of the 21st century, Ciprian of Juclandia was discovering politics and administration in the meetings with his grandmother, Elena Iliescu. The young man was being fascinated by the role of the government and its composition and was also fascinated by geopolitics. Having a quite big number of plush animals, Ciprian decided to form a nation to be called the Country of Toys, ruled by a democratic council called The Assembly of the Elders. The political landscape evolved that year, reaching its zenith in September 2001, when the first Prime Minister was selected by Ciprian, who decided to call himself President of the Country of Toys on the advice of Elena Iliescu.

In the summer of 2003, the President traveled to France, only to discover more of the world. Losing interest in the position of president, he resigned and with the help of Elena Iliescu and his friends at the time, he got Bestia Reformescu, a plush animal, be elected the new President of the Country. The position of head of state became then a mere figurehead position, with the real power being held by Elena Iliescu, which was no longer Prime Minister but the Governor of Cipimania, and Ciprian, who assumed the title of General Medical Doctor of Toys and future President of the Earth. Gradually, as Elena Iliescu was getting older and older, and with Ciprian becoming more mature, he renounced those titles and returned as President of the Country of Toys in the summer of 2005.

Elena Iliescu died on the 10th of September 2005, right exactly on the birthday of Ciprian. The death came as a shock to the whole family, despite the fact that Elena Iliescu was ill and already was 93 years old.

In November 2005, with Elena Iliescu being no longer in the material world for about two months, the President decided to assemble all his friends in the house of Elena Iliescu (that was, after her death, kept in a good condition by her family) and together declared the formation of the Socialist Democratic State of Toys from the ashes of the Country of Toys.

After the Constitution of 2006 passed in September, one year after the death of Iliescu, it was set to enter into force fully only on the 1st of January 2007, at the same time with Romania's accession to the European Union. The name of the country was modified, with the mention "Toys" being replaced with the name of Romania, thus formally the Socialist Democratic State of Romania. In October 2006, the Parliament set up by the Constitution assembled for the first time, and a new government was chosen, with Gori Jucărescu serving again as Prime Minister.

2008 came out as one of the most successful years, if not the most successful, in the history of Juclandia. The economic output was the greatest to be ever known since the 2001 foundation, and the politics started to be stable again. A period of distancing from Romania and Romanian customs also started.

On 23 August 2008, the Socialist Democratic State of Romania officially transitioned into the Socialist Republic of Juclandia. The position of President was again vested into the person of Ciprian of Juclandia, also head of state under the SDSR and SDST. In September 2008, the President named Gori Jucărescu in the office of Vice President of the Republic, and thus Jucărescu had to resign from his office as Prime Minister, ending his two years old rule as head of government. Shortly after, the Great National Assembly given confidence to Leopold Jucărescu for the formation of the Cabinet. The government's main activity was that of assuring a successful transition from SDSR to Juclandia. For the next months after the transition, the official seal of the State and much of the symbols and infrastructure were still using the name "Socialist Democratic State of Romania".

In July 2010 the Great National Assembly approved the constitutional amendment which transitioned Juclandia into a monarchy, and on 23 August 2010, exactly two years after the Declaration of Independence, Ciprian of Juclandia was coronated in Juclandia by the Patriarch as Ciprian, King of Juclandia.