Politics of Juclandia

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Head of the Republic
Great National Assembly

Juclandia is constitutionally defined as a parliamentary democracy. The present Constitution was adopted in 2015 and revised in 2017, and guarantees the rights and freedoms of citizens, as well as a pluralistic political system and the separation of powers within the state.

Executive power is nominally exercised by the monarch, while in fact it is exercised by the President, along with the Cabinet of Juclandia, headed by the Prime Minister. Legislative power is exercised through the bicameral Great National Assembly, made of the Council of State and the Assembly of Deputies, which is constituted as the maximum authority of the state. The Great National Assembly is headed by the Presidency of Juclandia.




Political parties and elections


Office Holder Since
Head of State
King of Juclandia Ciprian 23 August 2010
Council of State
President Ovia Bogi 1 November 2014
Vice President Cocolino Jucărescu 23 August 2014
Council of Ministers
Prime Minister Gori Jucărescu 1 January 2016
Deputy Prime Minister Roșioara Pramone 1 January 2016
Council of Justice
President Moș Crăciun 12 September 2012

Foreign relations


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