Juclandian parliamentary election, February 2011

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Early parliamentary elections were held in Juclandia on 21 February 2011. The Democratic Party won a plurality of 8 of the 30 seats in the Great National Assembly. The election had a turnout of 95.72%.


As Prime Minister Bestia Reformescu started the debate for a new Constitution of Juclandia, the Democratic Party retreated from the Government due to disagreements on how the Constitution should look like, and the Great National Assembly removed confidence of the minority Cabinet left as a result. The King of Juclandia, Ciprian I, decided to let Reformescu continue as Prime Minister while dissolving the legislature and calling for early elections. Depite having received a plurality, the Democratic Party was unable to form a government and Reformescu managed to form a minority government with the support of the Liberals. After the election, a Constitution was drafted in short time and approved in a referendum in April 2011.

Election system

After the disproportionate result of the 2010 election, the Government decided to return to the traditional closed party-list proportional representation system.


Party Votes % Seats
Democratic Party 51 28.5 8
Socialist Christian-Democratic Party 44 24.6 7
Liberal Democratic - Ecologist - Party 39 21.8 7
National Reform Party 21 10.1 3
Christian Democratic Union 16 8.9 3
Communist Party of Juclandia 11 6.1 2
Total 179 100 30
Registered voters/turnout 187 95.72
Source: Institute of History of the Juclandian Academy