Iepurica Democrescu

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The Honourable
Iepurica Democrescu
Iepurica Democrescu in October 2012
11th Prime Minister of Juclandia
In office
28 January 2012 - 1 January 2013
King Ciprian I
President Pisica Democrescu
Gori Jucărescu
Predecessor Bestia Reformescu
Successor Teddy Populescu
Personal information
Born December 2004 (naturalisation)
Political party FREVUN
Other political
Democratic Party (until 2014)
Residence Jucărești, Juclandia
Cabinet Iepurica I, II
Religion Church of Juclandia

Iepurica Democrescu (naturalised December 2004) is a Juclandian politician, singer and professor, who served as the 11th Prime Minister of Juclandia from January 2012 to January 2013. She is very popular for her touching songs and she is widely appreciated for her social and economic theories which she has implemented while serving as Prime Minister.

Iepurica immigrated to Juclandia in December 2004 on Christmas Day and was initially assigned a flat in Paradissi, moving to Jucărești in February 2005. Arriving in the capital, she helped Pisica Democrescu found the Democratic Party. Iepurica served in various government positions, and was sworn in as the 11th Prime Minister of Juclandia after the right-wing alliance won the December 2011 election. After she lost re-election as Prime Minister, she went on to serve as Leader of the Opposition for almost two years until she became Deputy Prime Minister in November 2014.

Prime Minister

Iepurica's most important legacy as Prime Minister is the foundation of the co-operatives, who were initially intended to serve as ways for the state to better organise the economy and the supply of labour to the state-owned companies. The co-operatives grew in influence and eventually went on to control more than two thirds of the economy under Teddy Populescu's term as Prime Minister. In May 2015, a new Constitution was adopted which defined Juclandia as a democratic and co-operatist state.

Personal life

Iepurica Democrescu is part of a quartet with Pisica Democrescu, Arici Democrescu and Arici Jr. Democrescu called A.P.A.I.. They competed in Juclandia's 2014 National Song Festival and earned the 7th place out of 12.


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