Juclandian parliamentary election, December 2011

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Juclandian parliamentary election, Dec 2011

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All 30 seats to the Great National Assembly
16 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Gori Jucărescu Pisica Democrescu Frog Libereanu
Party National Workers' Bloc Conservatives New Democracy
Alliance National Workers' Bloc Democratic Front
Leader since November 2011
Last election 7+2+3[1] 8 new party
Seats won 11 6 6
Seat change 1 2 6
Popular vote 61 36 35
Percentage 36,1% 21.3 21.3%

  Fourth party Fifth party
Leader Bursuc Novac Bartholomeos II
Party Liberal Democratic Ecologist Party Christian Democratic Union (Juclandia)
Alliance Democratic Front
Leader since 2009
Last election 7 3
Seats won 5 2
Seat change 2 1
Popular vote 26 11
Percentage 14.8% 6.5%

Prime Minister before election

Bestia Reformescu
National Workers' Bloc

Prime Minister-designate

Iepurica Democrescu

The Juclandian parliamentary election of 2012 was held on 31 December 2011 to elect all 30 members of the Great National Assembly. The election took place in 6 constituencies across Juclandia and used the mixed-member proportional system. None of the parties achieved 16 seats needed for an overall majority, and as expected, coalition discussions were held. The National Workers' Bloc fell 5 seats short of the needed majority, and by winning the plurality by a landslide, was expected to lead a new coalition government. The Liberals however rejected a coalition with the Workers' Bloc, and thus a right-wing coalition, the first in the history of Juclandia, was formed, led by Democrat Prime Minister-designate Iepurica Democrescu.

The election for the Great National Assembly was held at the same time as the election for the office of Premier of Cipimania, who is directly elected on an yearly basis by the citizens of Cipimania.


The main contenders of the elections are the left-wing alliance National Workers' Bloc, the right-wing Democratic Front (composed of Democratic Party and Democratic Liberal - Ecologist - Party, which decided to run separately in elections) and the anti-monarchical New Democracy.

A minor party which decided to compete alone is the Christian Democratic Union.

Elections in Cipimania

In the region of Cipimania, elections were held for the position of Prime-minister. After none candidate has secured a majority, a compromise was made and Sorin C. was elected Prime-minister.


First round

Candidate Prime Minister of Cipimania
Votes Vote %
Ioana T. 5 38.46%
Mircea B. 4 30.77%
Ioana N. 4 30.77%
Turnout 13 61.9%
Registered voters 21 100%

Second round

Candidate Prime Minister of Cipimania
Votes Vote %
Sorin C. 12 92.3%
Against 1 7.7%
Turnout 13 61.9%
Registered voters 21 100%


e • d Juclandian general election, 31 December 2011
Parties Results
Seats % Votes %
National Workers' Bloc 11 36.6% 61 36.1%
Democratic Party 6 20% 36 21.3%
New Democracy 6 20% 35 21.3%
Liberal Democratic Ecologist Party 5 16.7% 26 14.8%
Christian Democratic Union 1 6.7% 11 6.5%
Total 30 100% 169 100%
Expected voters (turnout) 169 100%

Notes and References

  1. Socialist Christian Democratic Party - 7
    Communist Party - 2
    National Reform Party - 3