Republican Militia (Juclandia)

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Republican Militia
Oastea Republicii

War flag of Juclandia

Emblem of the Republican Militia
Motto: Si bis pacem, para bellum
Anthem TBD
Established November 2011
May 2023 (as militia)
Country Juclandian Republic
Branches Digital warfare
Commander-in-Chief Ciprian of Juclandia
General information
Headquarters none
Active personnel Undisclosed

The Republican Militia (Romanian: Oastea Republicii) comprises the entire population of Juclandian citizens and constitutes the defence and public order system of the Juclandian Republic. It was founded in May 2023, and replaces the Royal Army of Juclandia, which was founded in 2011 but became dysfunctional by 2018.

While the proper translation of the term in Romanian should be Miliția republicană, the Great National Assembly opted to avoid using the proper Romanian terminology, given that the term became associated with the repressive police forces of the Romanian regime during the totalitarian rule of the Communist Party of Romania.

The Royal Army of Juclandia was organised was a complex national defense system of the Kingdom of Juclandia, comprising both the armed forces and the military-industrial complex of Juclandia. It was founded in November 2011, after Law no. 3/4/2011 has passed. It was officially disbanded in May 2023, although it had been unfunctional for years before its official disbandment.

Provisional structure of the Militia

  • The People's Regiment (affiliated with left-wing co-operatives of the Popular Front & Liberals)
  • Territorial Forces for the Protection of the Constitution (affiliated with the liberal faction of the Popular Front & Liberals)
  • Digital Warfare Regiment
  • Law, Order, and Harmony Forces (affiliated with the United Revolutionary Front)

Former structure of the Royal Army of Juclandia

It is made of the following units:

  • 1st Division "Royal Guard of Juclandia"
  • 2nd Division "Ernesto Che Guevara"
  • 1st Regiment Espionage
  • 1st Batallion - Operations
  • 2nd Batallion - External Espionage
  • 2nd Regiment Reconnaissance
  • 3rd Batallion - Technical
  • 4th Batallion - Terrestrial Informations
  • 3rd Regiment Infantry
  • 5th Batallion - Self-defense
  • 6th Batallion - Mecanized
  • 4th Regiment Infantry
  • 7th Batallion - Logistics
  • 8th Batallion - Antiaircraft
  • 4th Division "Saint Elias"
  • 5th Regiment Civilian
  • 9th Batallion - Support
  • 10th Batallion - Counterespionage
  • 6th Regiment Technical
  • 11th Batallion - Computers
  • 12th Batallion - Scientifical