Elena Iliescu

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Her Excellency
Elena Iliescu (Nana)
Mother of Juclandia
Mother of Juclandia
Assumed office
September 2001
Eternal Governor of Cipimania
Assumed office
10 September 2005
Governor of Cipimania
In office
Summer 2002 - 10 September 2005
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office removed
Personal information
Born 19 July 1912
Ploiesti, Romania
Died 10 September 2005(2005-09-10) (aged 93)
Bucharest, Romania
Residence Aquilonia, Lenia

Elena Iliescu (19 July 1912 - 10 September 2005) was the Mother of Juclandia (its founder). She was in charge of Cipimania affairs from foundation of Juclandia until her death, on Ciprian's birthday in 2005. She is honoured and has memorial places in all cities of Juclandia.

The "Memorial Day of Nana" is celebrated every year on 9 or 11 September (it can't be celebrated on Foundation's Day/King's Day, because those are days of hapinness).