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Juclandia is a multi-party democracy. With a greater number of factions, Juclandia has developed numerous political parties, their number being currently situated at three. The current political party system was founded in 2013, after various shifts in the political factions of Juclandia, as well as a change in ideological stances.

List of current parties

Party Logo Short name Leader Foundation Date Position
Colours Great National Assembly
Popular Front & Liberals FUP / FRUNIP Ovia Bogi February 23, 2014 The Left purple
62 / 165
United Revolutionary Front FRU / FREVUN Gori Jucărescu June 3, 2013 The Right dark red
45 / 165
Moderate Group FRD / FREDEM Leo Libereanu August 8, 2012 The Centre green
33 / 165
FLOU. The Miscellaneous Movement FLOU Kusch Niedlich June 11, 2018 Syncretic light gray
18 / 165
Union of Independent Citizens Independents N/A January 15, 2015 N/A light gray
7 / 165

The number of members is equal with the number of seats in the Great National Assembly.

Historical parties

Before the political system was reshuffled in 2014, there were five parties that promoted traditional ideologies. In 2014, Juclandia's society adopted new, non-traditional ideologies that fit better with Juclandian philosophy and culture.

Throughout Juclandia's history, the following parties also existed:

  • Communist Christian-Democratic Ecologist Party - predecessor to the Socialist Christian-Democratic Party;
  • Christian Democratic Union - merged with New Democracy to form New Democracy - Christian-Democratic in 2012;
  • New Democracy Movement - merged with the Christian Democratic Union to form ND-CD;
  • Liberal Democratic Party - merged with the National Liberal Party to form the Democratic Liberal Ecologist Party;
  • National Liberal Party (Ecologist) - merged with the Liberal Democratic Party to form the Democratic Liberal Ecologist Party;
  • Liberal Democratic Ecologist Party - merged with independent organisations to form the Liberal Alliance;
  • National Reform Party - absorbed by the Socialist Christian-Democratic Party;
  • Conservative Party - absorbed by the Democratic Party;
  • National Peasants' Party - absorbed by the National Liberal Party