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Official seal of Jucăreni
Establishedest. 2001

Jucăreni, officially the Region of Jucăreni, is a historical and cultural region in Southeastern Europe, situated in the western part of Juclandia and one of the cultural and statistical Juclandian regions, together with Nisipești and Cipimania. Together with the cultural region of Nisipești, it constituted the administrative division of Juclandia Region, which was designated as the "Juclandian population region" in contrast with Lenia's status as "Romanian population region". It takes its name from the original name of the inhabitants of the land, "Jucăreni".


Together with Nisipești, Jucăreni forms the western Juclandian enclave in Romania. As such, it is surrounded by Romania and Nisipești, and it's separated from the cultural region of Cipimania.

Municipalities and Communes

  • Municipality of Jucărești: Arkudiopolis, Aqatic, Jucărești
  • Municipality of Culinar: Culinar, Vestia
  • Municipality of Paradissi: Paradissi

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