Duchy of Tianita

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Duchy of Tianita

  Overseas territory of Juclandia  


Motto: Per ardua ad astra
New York, United States
Founded3 June 2012
Disestablished28 January 2014
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
DukeDuke Joseph I

The Duchy of Tianita, simply known as Tianita, is an overseas territory of the Kingdom of Juclandia located in North America. As of August 2012 the territory has a population of 18 citizens. As mainland Juclandia, Tianita claims plush toys as citizens alongside humans.

The Duchy is organised as a constitutional monarchy with King Ciprian as King of Juclandia (and thus, of Tianita). The governor of Tianita, constitutional head of state, bears the title of Duke, while the head of government bears the standard title in all Juclandian territories of Premier. Due to its limited population, it has no legislative assembly, and it is considered a de-facto direct democracy.


The name of Tianita comes from Tiana, being its Spanish-inspired diminutive.