Teleradio Juclandia

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TeleRadio Juclandia

Type Radio and television broadcasting
Country Juclandia
Owner Royal Government of Juclandia (through the Ministry of Civil Affairs and Communications)
Founded June 17, 2007 (as SSDR TV)
Dissolved November 4, 2018[1]
Headquarters Jucărești
Television Télé
Radio Radio Jucărești

Societatea Națională Teleradio Juclandia (S.N. TRJ) is the Juclandian public radio and television broadcaster. It is a state-owned company founded initially in June 2007 (as Radioteleviziunea SSDR) that last underwent reforms in summer 2014 and is set for a complete rebranding in March 2015.

Teleradio Juclandia is currently funded by the government from its state budget, but there is no special tax levied for the public broadcasting service. Any kind of advertising is prohibited, apart from the political one during election campaigns.


The company was launched on 17 June 2007, as SSDR TV, the national television of Socialist Democratic State of Romania. In 2007, Leon Jucărescu became the first chief redactor of SSDR TV.



Télé is the only current television channel of Teleradio Juclandia. It broadcasts over the national Landlink network in 720p and it was inaugurated on 23 August 2016.

Former channels

Juclandia 1

Juclandia 1 is the main channel of Teleradio Juclandia, and the one which broadcasts most hours in a month. The channel broadcasts the weekly news bulletin and various films, not available through the Romanian channels.

Juclandia 1 brought to the Juclandian public various old Romanian films, "Secretul lui Bachus" (Bachus' Secret) being the most popular. The channel has also broadcast films like "The Dictator" or "Radio Rebel" long before they were available to the general public in Romania. The channel stopped broadcasting in July 2016.

Juclandia 2

Juclandia 2 was the second channel of Teleradio Juclandia. Its purpose was to bring foreign TV series and films to Juclandia, and it had no independent productions. Some of the most popular shows broadcast on Juclandia 2 were Grey's Anatomy and Gye-Baek. With the introduction of the Landlink system in Juclandia, foreign productions could be accessed individually, on-demand, through the Landlink system.

As a result of the drop in demand, Juclandia 2 was permanently closed in June 2015.

Other channels

Juclandia Info was another channel of TeleRadio Juclandia that rebroadcast the weekly news bulletin and various news bulletins from BBC World, CCTV, Russia Today, Euronews and France 24.

Radio Jucărești

Radio Jucărești is the national radio of Juclandia, originally founded as Radio Juclandia in 2011. It broadcasts at least 8 hours per day on Juclandian territory, via the Landlink system developed by Landtelekom, and it also broadcasts on the Internet to the world.