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Centro Televisivo Yuniversano
Yuniversan Television Centre
Type Broadcaster; State tv
Country Decracy of Yunivers
Availability Nationwide (analog signal), International (web-tv, some contents only)
Owner Governatorate of the Central Protectorate of Yunivers, Direction of the Communications
Established July 2012
Headquarters Vignetia, Yunivers
Current CTY 1 (live)
CTY Cinema
CTY News 24
Former CTY News

The Yuniversan Television Center (Centro Televisivo Yuniversano, CTY) is the public state-owned television company of the Central Protectorate of Yunivers, and the official television of the Decracy of Yunivers. Has been founded in July 2012.


In late 2011 the government began cultivating the idea of ​​launching a state television. The project was completed in March 2012, and after the final preparations, on July 1 started the Televisione di Stato Yuniversana. The 1st of January 2013 it changed his name in CTY (Centro Televisivo Yuniversano), and launched 2 new channels: CTY News and CTY Edu. On April 23 CTY Edu has been sutted down due to lack of views, and CTY News became CTY News 24 (24-hours news channel). From February 1, 2014, CTY will renovate his style with new logos and a new channel: CTY Cinema, with premieres of blockbuster movies and masterpieces of the past. Due to copyright laws, CTY Cinema can be viewed only inside Yunivers.



CTY 1 broadcasts main events in Yunivers, government press conferences, news and some entertainment shows or programmes.

CTY News 24 broadcasts national and international news 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

CTY Cinema broadcasted movies, disbanded in 2018.


CTY Radio Yunivers 1 broadcasts both as ordinary radio and as web-radio.



The channel transmits all year round, for 24 hours a day. If there are no events to be transmitted, offers a still image from one of the many webcams in Yunivers (usually every day a different one).


The channel broadcasts live the press conferences of the Council of the Nobles, the Central Protectorate's events, ceremonies and cultural events. Also entertainment programmes, such as talk shows ecc.

Transmission techniques

The channel 1 is available in streaming online and, in the territory of Yunivers, using special repeaters that transmit the signal in analog format. Channel News 24 will be available in straming from June 2014. CTY Cinema is available only inside Yunivers.


Logo from January 1, 2013 to April 23, 2013
Logo from April 23, 2013 to February 1, 2014