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AB Animation Ltd.
Private limited company
IndustryVideo, YouTube entertainment
Founded12 January 2012
FounderAdam Belcher
Area served
Worldwide via the Internet
Key people
Emperor Adam I, CEO
ProductsYouTube videos
£0.00 Steady
£0.00 Steady
Total assets£63.00 Steady
Total equity£63.00 Steady
Number of employees
ParentImperial Holdings Ltd.
All figures given for 2018-19 financial year.

AB Animation Ltd. is a private limited company that operates in the Empire of Adammia. It works in the video-making industry, creating entertainment for the popular macronational website YouTube. It was founded by Emperor Adam I in January 2012, long before the Empire was established. It was the first company to be created in the Empire, and was recognised even before the official companies register was created. In July 2017, it became part of Imperial Holdings Ltd.


The first videos that would be broadcast on AB Animation Ltd.'s channel were Lego stop-motion animations produced during the summer of 2011 by Adam Belcher. These included the first series of the channel, The Story of the Director, based on a story created by Daniel and Jake Belcher (now Princes of Adammia) about a vampire known as the Director.

On 12 January 2012, Adam Belcher decided to upload these animations to a YouTube channel that he had just created, known as ABanimationLtd. These animations are what gave the channel its name. It should be noted that, even though the channel took a name that suggested it was a company at this time, it did not operate as one in any way, remaining a solely personal channel used by Belcher.

For his 14th birthday on 19 February 2012, Adam bought a copy of the popular sandbox game Minecraft. This led him to become interested in creating gaming videos for ABanimationLtd. With the remaining birthday money, Adam bought a copy of Fraps and a headset to begin creating this new genre of video. These payments are considered the first investments in what later became AB Animation Ltd., and are partly the reason why the company has over £60 in assets and yet no equity (the rest comes from a further investment in Corel VideoStudio in December 2012).

The first gaming series that ran on ABanimationLtd was Let's Play Minecraft, from March to December 2012. Other early shows included Better Than Wolves Mod Overview Tutorials, The Tekkit Trio and the immensly popular Lore of Minecraft. In October 2012, ABanimationLtd was one of several YouTube channels that collaborated to create The Crafters Minecraft server. Adam Belcher was the co-owner of this server until February 2013, when the original owner was deposed. The server was renamed Craftanium and Adam has been its owner ever since, using the title "DOMINVS CRAFTANIAE II" in his Latin style after becoming Emperor of Adammia. The Craftanium server was used by ABanimationLtd to produce Craftanium SMP, which was the flagship show of the channel following the completion of Let's Play Minecraft.

ABanimationLtd began operating from the Empire of Adammia as soon as the nation was founded on 13 April 2013, as the Empire's boundaries included the bedroom where the videos were produced. On 2 August, the channel was partnered with the RPM Network of Maker Studios, allowing videos on the channel to earn Adam money through advertisements. Immediately afterwards, the Office of the Emperor issued Decree IX, transfering the channel to state ownership. However, RPM has a threshold of $50 USD that must be accumulated overall before a payment will be sent. During the entire time that ABanimationLtd was state owned, the channel earned only $7 USD, meaning that the Treasury of Adammia never recieved any money from it. A clause of Decree IX stated that a certain percentage of ABanimationLtd's earnings would have to be donated to charity, specifically to the fundraiser "Far Lands or Bust" operated by Kurt J Mac for Child's Play Charity.

On 28 October 2013, Imperial Decree XVI privatised ABanimationLtd, finally creating the company that operates it today, AB Animation Ltd. For a time, the company created The Micronations Show for its channel, which examined different micronations and aspects of micronationalism. It worked with Top Hat Software to provide video logs of that company's game development. After a two-year hiatus from 2014 to 2016, the company began uploading again, making occasional vlogs about the life of Emperor Adam. In July 2017, AB Animation Ltd. became part of the Emperor's new holding group, Imperial Holdings Ltd.

YouTube Channel

As of April 2019, the channel ABanimationLtd has over 580 subscribers and over 190,000 video views. Its most popular video is Hitler and his Generals Play Minecraft, a Downfall parody.

AB Animation Ltd's channel is one of four active YouTube channels that are known to operate from the Empire of Adammia's territory. The National Communications Agency maintains a complete list of licensed broadcasters.


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