Adammic Online Broadcasting

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Adammic Online Broadcasting
Government-owned company
IndustryVideo, YouTube entertainment
Founded8 March 2014 (AOT channel created 17 April 2013)
FounderAdam Belcher
Area served
Worldwide via the Internet
Key people
Emperor Adam I, Director-General
ProductsYouTube videos
£0 (FY 2018-19) Steady
£0 (FY 2018-19) Steady
Total assets£22 (FY 2018-19) Steady
Total equity£22 (FY 2018-19) Steady
OwnerMinistry of National Development and Culture
Number of employees

Adammic Online Broadcasting is a publicly-owned company that serves as the national broadcasting company of the Empire of Adammia. It operates a YouTube channel, Adammic Online Television (sometimes referred to as AOT 1) which occupies the Channel 1 slot in the Empire's National Communications Agency registry. AOB produces primarily news-related video, broadcasting various events that take place around the Empire.


The channel Adammic Online Television was created on 17 April 2013, a few days after Adammia was founded. It uploaded its first video on 28 April. It was originally ran personally by the Emperor of Adammia, a position which was solidified by Imperial Decree VI (the Official Media decree) on 21 June 2013, which also named the channel Adammic Online Television.

On 1 September 2013, the Government Ministries Act 2013 created the Ministry of Culture, and Adammic Online Television was handed over to it. The Emperor technically still owned the channel, but it was now managed by the Ministry of Culture. The Legislative Amendments Act 2013, passed by the Ruling Council on the 22nd of December of that year, finally ended the Emperor's ownership of AOT, though Emperor Adam I remained the Director of the channel.

The Government Bodies and Postal Service Act 2014 was passed on 8 March 2014, which finally created the publicly-owned company known as Adammic Online Broadcasting, to which the Adammic Online Television channel was assigned. Since then, it has been owned by the Ministry of Culture and its successor the Ministry of National Development, and Adam I has continued to be its Director-General.

Adammic Online Television

AOT, the YouTube channel operated by Adammic Online Broadcasting, has 67 subscribers and 5463 video views as of April 2019.


  • AOT News - News segments about recent events in the Empire. 2 episodes produced to date.
  • Adammic Broadcasting - Occasional uploaded footage from events taking place in the Empire, such as speeches.
  • The Emperor's Christmas Broadcast - Produced in association with the Office of the Emperor, released every 25 December.

Adammia FM

AOB planned an internet radio division in September 2014, having run experiments with certain online platforms and hired Madam Alice Sutton DOA as a co-host alongside the Emperor. The plans were eventually scrapped, and replaced with a series of monthly music playlists known as Adammia FM compiled by the Director-General. Adammia FM is a mock radio station, and is primarily a rock station, though it sometimes includes pop, classical music, jazz, electronic music and music from soundtracks. The station's choices of music often reflect Adammic culture, for example by playing songs featured in TV series popular in Adammia such as Peaky Blinders, or by playing music used as the tune to songs at the Liberal Democrats Glee Club (e.g. The Land to the tune of Marching Through Georgia, or The Lib-Lab Lie to the tune of American Pie). The playlists are hosted on the Adammic Online Television YouTube channel, but are separate from the "television" branch of AOB.

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