The Micronations Show

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The Micronations Show
Genre News, Information
Type Narrated series
Created by Emperor Adam I
First episode 3 February 2014
Last episode 13 July 2014
Theme music Sweeter Vermouth
Composer Kevin MacLeod
of origin
Empire of Adammia
Language English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 3
Emperor Adam I
Running time 16 – 46 minutes
AB Animation Ltd.
Original channel ABanimationLtd

The Micronations Show was a YouTube based video series originating from the Empire of Adammia. It was created by Emperor Adam I in February 2014. The show had three main segments: the first was a news segment, looking at recent events in the MicroWiki Sector. The second segment was the main focus of the show and examined a particular aspect of micronationalism. The final segment highlighted a particular micronation. The Micronations Show generated approximately US$22.41 in advertising revenue.


No. in
Episode ID Title Original air date Runtime Featured Micronation
1 tms01 Day in the Life of a Micronationalist (pilot) 3 February 2014 16:58 None
2 tms02 The Basics and Sealand 20 February 2014 46:05 Sealand
3 tms03 Militaries and Austenasia 13 July 2014 21:19 Austenasia

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