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The media in the Empire of Adammia is comprised of two state-owned outlets, along with a number of private YouTube channels.


Adammic Express

The only registered entity in Adammia which publishes an official newspaper is the Adammic Express, owned by the executive National Government. Edited by Emperor Adam I, the Express publishes weekly articles about current events in the Empire.

TV and Radio

Adammic Online Broadcasting

Like the Adammic Express, Adammic Online Broadcasting is also state-owned and has the official designation of the Empire's state broadcaster. On its YouTube channel (known as Adammic Online Television) it uploads occasional news segments and clips of events around the Empire.

The company announced plans to create a monthly internet radio show [1] in September 2014 called Adammia FM. It was originally supposed to be a live podcast-style production hosted by Emperor Adam I and Madam Alice Sutton, but this format was scrapped in favour of a monthly YouTube music playlist. These playlists open with the National Anthem of Adammia, Chariots of Fire.

Private YouTube channels

Alongside AOB, there are four YouTube channels licensed by the National Communications Agency, owned by various private Adammic companies and individuals. These include the channel of AB Animation Ltd., a media company owned by Emperor Adam I which serves as his personal channel, and small channels Matties Gaming, JakeACake, and TheWertonius, which are owned by Maj. Sir Matthew Foster, HIH Prince Jake, and General Sir Will McCracken respectively.

List of programmes and series

This is a list of programmes which have ran on Adammic YouTube channels:

Name Channel(s) First episode air date Last episode air date Seasons Episodes Notes
The Micronations Show ABanimationLtd 3 February 2014 13 July 2014 1 3
Craftanium SMP ABanimationLtd
Various British and American channels
15 October 2012
First episode aired from Adammia 21 April 2013
30 March 2014 3 53 Figures given for ABanimationLtd.
Adam's Adventures on the PWMS ABanimationLtd 18 June 2013 17 September 2013 1 6
Let's Play Kerbal Space Program ABanimationLtd 28 December 2012
First episode aired from Adammia 27 June 2013
24 December 2013 1 17
Adam Vlogs ABanimationLtd 2 September 2014 2 5
Adammic Broadcasting Adammic Online Television 28 April 2013 26 October 2014 1 6
AOT News Adammic Online Television 28 August 2013 11 August 2014 1 3
The Emperor's Christmas Broadcast Adammic Online Television 25 December 2013 25 December 2018 1 6
The State Opening of Council Adammic Online Television 20 August 2014 16 November 2018 1 6
Tours Adammic Online Television 16 July 2013 15 March 2015 1 3
Minecraft Hardcore CreativeTux 6 May 2013
First episode aired from Adammia 22 February 2014
2 March 2014 2 11 Series is no longer available on YouTube.
Motovlogs CreativeTux 21 January 2014 3 August 2014 1 16 Series is no longer available on YouTube.
Mattypops Mattypops 19 January 2014 15 April 2014 1 ~24 Membership of this series is not clearly defined.
Quest to Kill the Enderdragon Mattypops
18 April 2014 28 August 2014 2 19 Figures given for Mattypops.
Five Nights at Freddy's TheWertonius 16 November 2014 29 November 2014 1 ~5 Series is no longer available on YouTube.
Mineverse Factions TheWertonius 20 December 2014 28 December 2014 1 ? Series is no longer available on YouTube.
Funny Vlogs Mattypops
28 December 2014 17 March 2015 2 10 Figures given for HisHighnessJake.

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