Top Hat Software

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Top Hat Software
Private limited company
IndustryVideo games, software development
Founded3 May 2014
FounderEmperor Adam I
Area served
Key people
Emperor Adam I, CEO
ProductsVideo games, software
ServicesComputer repair
£0.00 Steady
£0.00 Steady
Total assets£0.00 Steady
Total equity£0.00 Steady
Number of employees
ParentImperial Holdings Ltd.
All figures given for 2018-19 financial year.

Top Hat Software is a private limited company operating in the Empire of Adammia. It was created by HIM Emperor Adam I on 3 May 2014 following the passing of the Economy Act 2014. The company works in software and game development. While it has not completed a game, it owns The Lion Game, which was developed by Adam I shortly before the company was registered. In 2014, development began on the company's first official title, Interstellar Voyage, but this was put on hold in January 2015 and the company is currently mostly dormant.

The company derives its name from an occasion when Sir Damian Parker, then High Lord Overseer of Creatuxia, jocularly pointed out to Emperor Adam, an aspiring programmer, that the domain "" was available, in reference to the Emperor's owning of and love for a top hat. In 2015, the domain "" was bought by the company and currently acts as its official website. The company also occasionally carries out computer repair work, which to date has been the only source of the company's profits. It employs Emperor Adam I as its CEO and main developer. It has also in the past had two website administrators, Sir John Richardson KOA and Sir Damian Parker COA, but Emperor Adam has since assumed this role.

In January 2017, the Ministry of Information gave Top Hat Software the responsibility of maintaining the official Adammic national website, In July of that year, the company became part of its owner's new holding group, Imperial Holdings Ltd.

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