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Colony of the Empire of Adammia
Great Britain
Founded5 September 2020
GovernmentLocal Council of Sheaffia
DuchessLady Thornton

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Sheaffia is a colony of the Empire of Adammia located in the region of North Adammia. It is 75m² in size and consists of a terraced house and garden located in Sheffield. It has one permanent resident, Lady Sophie Thornton, the colonial governor.


Sheaffia was founded in September 2020 at the then-residence of Lady Sophie Thornton and Lord Billy Thompson, a flat in central Sheffield. It was originally a province. However, Lord Thompson emigrated in September 2021, and Sheaffia was downgraded to a colony the following month. In January 2022, Sheaffia was relocated to its current location, after Lady Thornton changed residence.


The name Sheaffia is derived from the River Sheaf, which flows nearby.

Provincial government (2020-21)



Year Councilor Party Notes
2020 Lord Billy Thompson RGA Deputy Prime Minister (2020-21)

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