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Transport in the Empire of Adammia is overseen by the Ministry of National Development, via the Transport Network Agency. Currently, only a road network is in place.

A theoretical road sign design for the M1 Junction 2

Road network

Note: (?) denotes that the link is theoretical only and is not supported by the Adammic Ministry of Infrastructure.

Motorways (M roads)

No. From To Via Length (m) Junction Exits & Termini
M1 (West Road) Adammia-UK border (Tytannia) Imperial City The Lowlands (Sapientia) 13 1 Northbound terminus into UK
2 Southbound terminus into Imperial City (A10 Bates Street)

Westbound exit into Imperial City Recycling Centre

M2 (Belcher Street) Adammia-UK border (Primoria) Adamsville Park Imperial Plains, Adamsville 17 1 Westbound terminus into UK
2 Southbound exit into Adamsville WEST
3 Southbound exit into Imperial Household
4 Eastbound terminus into Adamsville EAST

Southbound exit into Kilmister Square

M3 (Hall Road) Adammia-UK border (Watertopia) Attenborough Forester's Common 5 1 Southbound terminus into UK
2 Northbound terminus onto A3

Eastbound exit for A31

M4 Adammia-UK border (Myway) Myway CENTRAL Myway SOUTH 30 1 Eastbound terminus into UK
2 Northbound exit into Myway EAST
3 Northbound terminus into Myway CENTRAL

A Roads

No. From To Via Length (m)
A1 (Norton Road) Imperial Square, Imperial City The Highlands Central Park / Koifish Lake district, Imperial City Industrial Estate (Tytannia Major) 23
A10 (Bates Street) White Gold Palace / Imperial City NW (M1 J2) Tyderium Pass (?) Imperial City NORTH (Sapientia) 8
A11 (Common Lane) Adammia-UK border (Tytannia Ulterior SE) Adammia-UK border (Tytannia Ulterior SW) Tytannia Common (Tytannia Ulterior) 57
A12 (Horsley Road) Adammia-UK border (Jagstonian Plains NW) Adammia-UK border (Jagstonian Plains NORTH) Jagstonian Plains 173
A3 (Boxall Road) Attenborough SOUTH (M3 J2) Attenborough NORTH Attenborough WEST, A30 exit 15
A30 (Kelly Street) Attenborough WEST (A3 exit) Attenborough EAST 9
A31 (Manns Street) Attenborough WEST (M3 J2) Attenborough EAST 6
A4 Myway CENTRAL (M4 J3) Myway RIVER Myway NORTH 35
A6 (William Way) Adammia-UK border (Maternia) Maternia CENTRAL Maternia SOUTH 8

B roads

No. From To Via Length (m)
B101 (Demijohn Street) Imperial Square, Imperial City Tytannia Army Base 8

Discontinued routes

No. From To Via Length (m) Reason for closure
M5 (Creatuxia) Adammia-UK border (Creatuxia) Creatuxia CENTRAL Creatuxia NW 39 Creatuxia was ceded back to the UK
M5 (Borealia) Adammia-UK border (Borealia) Borealia CENTRAL Borealia WEST 70 Borealia became an independent state
M50 Creatuxia NW (M5 J2) Creatuxia WEST 15 Creatuxia was ceded back to the UK
A5 Creatuxia CENTRAL (M5 J3) Creatuxia COUNTRYSIDE 91 Creatuxia was ceded back to the UK
A50 Creatuxia WEST (M50 J2) Creatuxia SW 30 Creatuxia was ceded back to the UK
A2 Adammia-UK border (Astley Meadow SE) Adammia-UK border (Astley Meadow NW) A21 exit, Astley Meadow 329 Astley Meadow was ceded back to the UK
A21 Astley Meadow SE (A2 exit) Astley Meadow CENTRAL 59 Astley Meadow was ceded back to the UK
B301 Adammia-UK border (Watertopia) Watertopia CENTRAL (A3 exit) Watertopia SOUTH 5 Route was found to not actually exist when Watertopia was surveyed on 25 August 2014, and had only been included due to outdated Google Earth imagery.

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