Tytannia Ulterior

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Tytannia Ulterior

Barony / Territorial Claim of the Empire of Adammia
Great Britain
Founded12 January 2014
BaronLord Sir Andrew Hall

Tytannia Ulterior is a barony within the county of Tytannia in the Empire of Adammia. It has a size of 815m² and a population of 0. It holds the unique status of also being a Territorial Claim of the Empire, and is not fully annexed like the rest of Tytannia.


The Baron of Tytannia Ulterior is Lord Sir Andrew Hall. He was appointed to this role by the Imperial Decree which claimed the County. As the County is a mostly ceremonial sub-division, it has very little impact on mainstream Adammic politics.


Tytannia Common

Tytannia Ulterior is mostly made up of an area of empty grass owned by the local macronational district council. This grassland is known as Tytannia Common.


The A11 (Common Lane) winds through Tytannia Common, connecting the borders at one side to the barony to the other.

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