Craftanium SMP

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Craftanium SMP

Genre Gaming
Type Commentary / Let's Play
Created by Nathan "Nate" Dunahoo
Emperor Adam I
First episode 13 October 2012
Last episode 30 March 2014
Cancelled 7 July 2014
Theme music Cover of the Theme to The A-Team
Composer Rahim Bayjou (original by Mike Post & Pete Carpenter)
of origin
Empire of Adammia / UK / USA
Language English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 53 (on ABanimationLtd)
Emperor Adam I
Running time 10 – 30 minutes
AB Animation Ltd.
Original channels ABanimationLtd

Craftanium SMP (full title Craftanium Survival Multiplayer) was a YouTube based video series that operated on the Empire of Adammia-based channel ABanimationLtd between October 2012 and July 2014. The series followed the popular gaming commentary format and revolved around the adventures of Emperor Adam I, referred to in the series as simply 'Adam', on his Minecraft survival multiplayer server, also called Craftanium. The video series generated approximately $2.40 USD in revenue. All of the members of the server whitelist were Adammic citizens, so it was seen as a cultural venue as well as a video-creating environment.

For several years after the server was closed down, the name continued as the name of the group of people who used to play on the server, who maintained a group Skype chat until April 2016.


The Craftanium server and YouTube series were created as a collaboration between British teenager Adam Belcher and an American teenager who went by the online handles of "MrNoteyboy52" or "Nate Dunahoo". Nate paid for the costs of running the server, renting it from a small business known as Fatalityhosting, and therefore took the position of Owner, whereas Adam became "Co-Owner". The server was first acquired on 29 September 2012, and was named The Crafters Server. The Crafters Season 1 began on 13 October after the survival map was set up. Its players were mostly friends of the owners. Adam began creating videos for his channel, ABanimationLtd (now part of the modern-day Adammic company AB Animation Ltd.), as part of The Crafters Season 1, along with Nate and a few other players who had the capability of doing so.

Due to issues with Fatalityhosting, The Crafters changed hosts to in November 2012. A new map was generated, beginning The Crafters Season 2. However, a number of poor leadership decisions by Nate led to Adam persuading him into stepping down as Owner on 9 February 2013. Nate promptly left, and Adam took over as Owner. However, Nate claimed ownership over the name The Crafters, and as a result the name was changed to Craftanium. Meanwhile, Adam sent the map of the server to Damian Parker, who began hosting it on his own machines.

Craftanium remained mostly stable throughout 2013. During this time, the Empire of Adammia was founded, and Adam became known as Emperor Adam I. At some point after this, he adopted a latin style, which included the title "DOMINVS CRAFTANIAE II". This is the only time that Craftanium has been recognised as an entity by the Adammic monarchy. In November, following frequent protests about lag on the Season 2 map, a new map was generated, beginning Season 3.

In 2014, Craftanium entered rapid decline, caused by two key factors - its players were starting to become less interested in Minecraft, and many of the players fell out with Parker, who left the group in March 2014. He continued to host the server until 7 July 2014, when several comments directed at him by the group's members caused him to cease hosting the server. At this point, Adam, unwilling to find a new host due to the low activity of the server, declared the server decommissioned and the series cancelled.

With the server gone, the Craftanium group continued as a small social group operating out of its Skype chatroom, the only surviving official venue of the franchise. After logs from the chat were leaked to Callum Thorpe during an argument later in July 2014, Adam adoped a more secretive policy for Craftanium. Between July 2014 and April 2016, the chat survived as an informal group of prominent Adammic citizens, falling into inactivity in late 2014 before receiving a boost in activity in the summer of 2015 after Sir Nat Vincett was added to the chat. Following prolonged activity in 2015, particularly around the time of the August 2015 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive major, the Craftanium Skype chat was eventually superseded by channels on the Emperor's Teamspeak and later Discord servers, which never achieved the popularity of the original Skype chat. No message has been sent in the original Craftanium Skype chat since April Fools' Day 2016, and Craftanium has been considered dead since that date.


Season 1 (The Crafters)

No. in
Title Original air date Runtime Notes
1 The START 15 October 2012 23:50 Season premiere; first appearance of Adam, Nate, LittleLooter and Mega; most popular episode in entire series
2 I'M MOVING 15 October 2012 31:32 First appearance of NoJ and Lewis; longest episode in the series
3 The Dungeon 20 October 2012 15:48
4 Renovating 23 October 2012 25:43
5 The First Prank 24 October 2012 17:30
6 Potato Maker 3000 31 October 2012 19:26 First appearance of Scooby; second-most popular episode
7 The Tunnel 8 November 2012 20:09
8 Season One Finale 10 November 2012 10:34 Season finale

Season 2

No. in
Title Original air date Runtime Notes
1 The Spider Queen 22 November 2012 25:20 Season premiere; Only appearance of Xanatos
2 Foundations 25 November 2012 26:59 Only appearance of Fredrick
3 The Cookie Trail 6 December 2012 31:33
4 Short Update 9 December 2012 14:57
5 NoJ the Potato 9 December 2012 22:17 First appearance of Al
6 Record Disks 25 December 2012 20:20
7 Merry Christmas! 25 December 2012 14:49 First Christmas Special
8 Chilling on Boxing Day 30 December 2012 9:42
9 New Year Fireworks 2 January 2013 14:24 First New Year Special
10 Caving with Nate Part 1 10 January 2013 16:22 First multi-part episode
11 Caving with Nate Part 2 14 January 2013 12:50
12 Ender Dragon Fight Part 1 17 January 2013 14:34
13 Ender Dragon Fight Part 2 22 January 2013 12:07 Last episode to go under the name The Crafters
14 The Woodpeckers 27 February 2013 8:47 First episode to go under the name Craftanium
15 The Cleanup Search 3 March 2013 14:13 First appearance of CreativeTux and LittleMissTux
16 Looter versus Al 14 March 2013 6:46 Shortest episode in the series
17 Kurtjmac & VintageBeef Fan Rivalry (April Fool's Prank) 2 April 2013 17:33 Most popular episode of Season 2
18 F1 YouTuber Prank Continued 4 April 2013 15:27
19 Community Project Day 1 21 April 2013 22:34 First episode to be uploaded from the Empire of Adammia
20 Chipmunk Timelapse Frame Build 30 April 2013 4:46
21 Making a Template 5 May 2013 13:49 Only appearance of Pegasus
22 A Somewhat Important Update 21 May 2013 10:21
23 CreativeTux's Birthday Party 7 June 2013 17:24
24 Progress on the Project 25 June 2013 11:12
25 Farm Building Part 1 29 July 2013 14:16
26 Farm Building Part 2 30 July 2013 14:07
27 Insomnia 49 Minecraft Expo UK Recap Part 1 30 August 2013 19:23 First episode to be uploaded under the nationalised ABanimationLtd
28 Insomnia 49 Minecraft Expo UK Recap Part 2 1 September 2013 20:13
29 Bad Commentating Skills 8 September 2013 25:46
30 Back in Business 26 September 2013 15:12
31 Paintings 29 September 2013 12:55
32 1 Year Anniversary Grand Tour! Part 1 13 October 2013 29:08 First appearance of Bexomondo, Cakebomb and Fishkingz
33 1 Year Anniversary Grand Tour! Part 2 15 October 2013 31:03
34 Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere! 22 October 2013 14:00
35 Halloween Special Anticlimatic Wither Fight 31 October 2013 14:40 First appearance of Flinny; First episode to be uploaded under the privatised AB Animation Ltd.
36 The Woodpecker-God Strikes Back, Part 1 7 November 2013 20:29
37 The Woodpecker-God Strikes Back, Part 2 10 November 2013 29:16
38 Finale 21 November 2013 18:25 Season finale

Season 3

No. in
Title Original air date Runtime Notes
1 Lion Attack 25 November 2013 25:32 Season premiere; First appearance of AlphaGlitchGirl and Ala
2 Stringless Spiders 26 November 2013 20:51
3 The Fort 15 December 2013 22:05
4 A Fairytale of New Craftanium 25 December 2013 18:55 Christmas special
5 SimCity Spawn Town 5 January 2014 21:04
6 Flinny's Base 23 February 2014 20:26
7 Random Mob Army 30 March 2014 7:03 Last ever episode


The Craftanium Server was hosted from a data centre in France. Its payments and administration were overseen by Sir Damian Parker, High Lord Overseer of Creatuxia.


Name In-series name In-game name Joined Notes
Emperor Adam I Adam / ABanimationLtd adambelcher October 2012 Incumbent Owner of Craftanium; Founding member
Sir Guy Crossland COA Looter littlelooter October 2012 Founding member
Sir (censored) KOA Mega (censored) October 2012 Founding member
Madam Sarah Stinnett DOA Scooby scoobydoo277 October 2012 Founding member
Sir Jon of the South KOA (full name unknown) NoJ ThatNoJKid2 October 2012 Founding member; inactive since July 2013
Nathaniel Stinnett Pegasus / Nate pegasus777222 October 2012 (inactive until much later)
Sir Alex Helliker KOV Al Al215 December 2012
Madam Becky Spencer-Smith COA Bex / Becky bexomondo April 2013
Ryan Dawes Cake / Ryan cakebomb7 August 2013 Invited in-person by Adam at the Insomnia Gaming Festival 49
Sir Jordan Jones KOA Fish / Jordan Fishkingz August 2013 Invited in-person by Adam at the Insomnia Gaming Festival 49
Sir Sean Gunther KOA Flinny flinny1574 September 2013
Madam Alice Sutton DOA AlphaGlitchGirl / Alice AlphaGlitchGirl1 November 2013
Sir (censored) KOA Ala ala1998mc November 2013

Previous members

The members in the table below are only those who have appeared in episodes of Craftanium. There are several other members of Craftanium who have left after only a short period of time, particularly during late 2012 / early 2013.[1]

Name In-series name In-game name Joined Left Notes
Nathan Dunahoo (actual full name unknown) Nate MrNoteyboy52 October 2012 February 2013 Creator of the franchise (as The Crafters); First owner; left after being deposed as Owner
Lewis Burnage Lewis BCH_Lewis October 2012 January 2013 Founding member; voted out of the server by disgruntled members due to his inappropriate behaviour
Sir Oscar Gilmour KOV Xanatos XanatosReaver November 2012 October 2013 Mostly inactive (this was the main reason for his decision to leave)
Madam Stacey Barratt DOA MissTux LittleMissTux January 2013 November 2013 Presumed left after emigrating from Creatuxia, resulting in an almost complete loss of contact
Sir Damian Parker COA Tux creativetux January 2013 March 2014 Server host and technical administrator

Minor characters

In-game animals, enemies or objects that had been named by server members:

  • Fredrick - a spider named by NoJ in Season 2 Episode 3.
  • Bartholomew - a carrot, also named by NoJ.

Craftanium on other channels

Craftanium had a presence on YouTube outside of the series on ABanimationLtd due to other members making videos on the server. In the Empire of Adammia, the channel CreativeTux produced Craftanium content, as did the channel LittleMissTux before its owner of the same name left the server. In Britain and America, channels with Craftanium content included: MegaHetch, LittleLooter, EmptyGoldenCan, PsychoticGameAholics, and Bexomondo12. MrNoteyboy52 once had content from the server, but these videos have since been deleted.


  • Throughout the history of the Craftanium Minecraft server, a total of 31 individuals were recognised as a member at some point, though only 14 members remained at the time the server shut down.
  • A total of 41 accounts logged in to the Craftanium server, including unauthorised players and special guests.
  • The most Craftanium members ever gathered in person at one place was 6, at Telford, UK on 30 November 2013 during the Insomnia Gaming Festival 50.


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