Adammic data privacy scandal

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In the Empire of Adammia, the data privacy scandal refers to allegations in late 2019 that Emperor Adam I violated the General Data Protection Regulation Compliance Act 2018 (Act 46) by uploading personal details regarding various Adammic citizens to MicroWiki. The allegations were first raised by Storm Party leader Lady Anna Worthington in September 2019 in her party's press outlet, the Adammic Times. An investigation by Attorney General Lord Helliker, originally requested by the Emperor with the hope that it would exonerate him, instead concluded that the Emperor had likely broken the law; the Attorney General's findings were summarised in the infamous Helliker Report. Immediately after publishing the report, Helliker left the Liberal-Moderate Party (which he had founded) and defected to the Storm Party.

The fallout of the scandal had a significant effect on the imminent general election. As a result of Lord Helliker's findings, the Storm Party proposed putting the Emperor on trial, whilst the Red Green Alliance went even further, suggesting that the state should seize the monarch's property. This caused a backlash effect in subdivisions which were aligned with the Liberal-Moderates and especially those which were inhabited by members of the Emperor's family, in particular in North Adammia which was dominated by the House of Hall. As a result of the Helliker Report, the Emperor resigned as Cabinet Secretary, meaning that he would no longer have access to the citizenship application process. However, the Liberal-Moderates became the largest party in the 2019 election, and after they formed a coalition with the Dank Party, the threat of a trial subsided, and the Emperor was quietly reinstated as Cabinet Secretary.

In December 2019, the Emperor issued a personal statement in the Empire's national Facebook group, in which he stated that some of the claims made against him had been hurtful, and in which he claimed that many citizens had failed to realise that his activities as Emperor were not a fictional persona, but were rather an extension of himself. After this, the tone of Adammic politics changed dramatically, with politicians who had previously been anti-monarchy generally adopting a more neutral stance.


Initial allegations

Helliker Report