Military of Adammia

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Military of Adammia
Founded21 April 2013
Service branchesAdammic Army
Adammic Navy
Adammic Air Force
HeadquartersAdamsville, Primoria
Grand MarshalEmperor Adam I
Minister of DefenceEmperor Adam I
Active personnel18
Reserve personnel3
Budget£26 (FY 2014-15)
Percent of GDP20.6%
Foreign suppliersHubsan
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HistorySkirmish of Tytannia
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The Military of Adammia is an armed force responsible for protecting the Empire of Adammia and asserting its claims. It is comprised of the Adammic Army, the Adammic Navy and the Adammic Air Force. It is managed by the Ministry of Defence. The military became prominent in Adammia when it took part in the Astley Meadow Insurgency, however, participation in conflicts is considered an extremely rare activity. The military generally focuses on ceremonial functions, training, and assisting with civilian projects. The military is fairly large by micronational standards, with 20 servicemen and 4 reserves, most of whom are in the Army.


The Military of Adammia was originally created by Emperor Adam I on 21 April 2013 with Decree I. When it was first founded, its only branch was the Adammic Army. It very quickly reached three recruits in the Army. On 5 May 2013, the Army was involved in the Skirmish of Tytannia (an ultimately inconsequential event). After this, the Military fell into inactivity for several months until the Emperor revisited it on 6 August 2013 with Decree XI, which reformed the internal procedures, and also created the Adammic Navy and Air Force.

October 2013 saw the arrival of the first Air Force unit, the 1st Paper Air Group. In January 2014, there was a surge in recruitment levels to the Army. The military was mobilised around this time when the Jagstonian Plains and Astley Meadow were claimed by the Empire, followed by the Astley Meadow Insurgency, the only notable conflict that the military has taken part in to date.

Though the armed forces still grew with the addition of troops from Borealia forming a new 2nd Infantry Division in July 2014 (at which point the size of the armed forces peaked at 16 members), the military remained largely inactive throughout the rest of the year. Whilst the Air Force was given its own remote-controlled quadcopter by the Ministry of Defence in November 2014, the Army faced drastic cuts, with almost half of its troops being fired, due to the fact that they were no longer needed as the Astley Meadow Insurgency had ended and communication between them and High Command was proving difficult.

The military sat largely dormant for much of 2015, although a couple of new recruits were obtained throughout the year, including Commodore Sir Dan Pettinger who helped set up the Air Force headquarters at AAF Dearneland and became the Air Force chief-of-staff. The Emperor and his military advisor, General Sir Will McCracken, focused on improving the military's structure in order to prepare for future recruitment drives. This resulted in the Defence Act 2015, which formally established the roles of the Ministry of Defence and the Military High Command. The Defence Act was intended to be accompanied by a Military General Manual, which set out further procedures for the internal management of the military; however, this document was delayed, and was eventually published in September 2016.

In 2016, new recruits were obtained when El Grandens and Kappania joined the Empire, but this was offset by the loss several months later of Borealia following the Borealian Independence Referendum. The claiming of Alluria led to another increase in troop numbers in late 2016 and early 2017, and the size of the military surpassed its 2014 record, reaching 17, when Pererria joined the Empire in June 2017. Pererria provided the first naval unit, but it was only a titular unit with no real vessels. It was only in June 2018, when Myway acquired a canoe and the naval base commissioned there was finally established, that the Navy became a functioning part of the military. It was also at this time that the 1st Ranger Regiment, the military's first reconnaisance unit, was set up.


The Military is led by the Grand Marshal, who is automatically the Monarch. The Adammic Army is led by the Field Marshal, the Adammic Navy is led by the Grand Admiral, and the Air Force is led by the Air Chief Marshal. All of these postions are currently occupied by the Emperor.

The Military is controlled by the Ministry of Defence. The MoD sets general defence policy, can procure equipment, owns the military bases located in Adammic provinces, can create sub-units of any of the branches of the Military, and controls the mobilisation status of those units.

High Command

High Command is the headquarters of the Military, responsible for implementing the defence policies set by the Ministry of Defence and planning operations from a military (as opposed to government) perspective. Under the Defence Act 2015, it by default consists of the Grand Marshal, the head of each branch, all Generals, Admirals and Air Marshals, and any other staff the Grand Marshal sees fit to appoint. These extra staff currently include the Chief of Staff of each branch, and all Colonels, Vice Admirals and Air Commodores. High Command currently operates on Facebook Messenger.

Current composition of High Command:

Adammic Army

The Adammic Army is the land warfare branch of the military, and is the largest branch, with 19 members. It currently consists of three divisions made up of various infantry, reconnaisance, medical and logistical regiments: the 1st Division, based in and around Adammia's Yorkshire territories; the 2nd Division, based in and around the Birmingham territories; and the 3rd Division, an expeditionary group. There is also the elite Imperial Guard and Special Operations units.

Adammic Navy

The Adammic Navy is responsible for maritime operations. It currently has a single unit, the 1st Imperial Fleet, which operates from Myway Docks Naval Base.

Adammic Air Force

The Adammic Air Force is the aerial warfare branch of the military. It currently consists of a two units, the 1st Imperial Air Group and the 2nd Imperial Air Group.

Rank insignia


Adammic Army
Field Marshal General Colonel Major Captain Lieutenant Sergeant Corporal Private


Adammic Navy
Grand Admiral Admiral Vice Admiral Rear Admiral Captain Commander Lieutenant Petty Officer Able Seaman

Air Force

Adammic Air Force
Air Chief Marshal Air Marshal Commodore Wing Commander Squadron Leader Lieutenant Sergeant Corporal Airman


Fort Marie, a temporary base set up at Saundersfoot, Wales.
Name Location Owner Operator Unit(s) Created Notes
Tytannia Army Base The Highlands, Tytannia Major, Tytannia Ministry of Defence Adammic Army 1st Ranger Regiment, Imperial Guard 9 January 2014 The oldest base in existence. Former Army headquarters, also used for training.
Myway Docks Naval Base Myway Ministry of Defence Adammic Navy 1st Imperial Fleet 9 January 2014 Contains the Admiralty complex, Navy headquarters.
AAF Jagstonia Jagstonian Plains Wakefield Metropolitan District Council (administered by the Ministry of Defence) Adammic Air Force None 14 February 2015 Leased to the Adammic Imperial Space Agency for model rocket launches.
Watertopia Barracks Attenborough, Watertopia Ministry of Defence Adammic Army Western Regiment 28 February 2015
Midgard Army Base Midgard Loughborough University Adammic Army 3rd Infantry Regiment 5 January 2018
Fort Alluria Selly Oak Ministry of Defence Adammic Army, Adammic Air Force (joint) 2nd Division, 2nd Imperial Air Group, Special Operations 5 January 2018 Air Force headquarters.
Fort Metchley Harborne Unknown Adammic Army 3rd Division 17 February 2020 Army headquarters.

Former bases

Name Location Operator Unit(s) Created Decommissioned Notes
Maths Stairs Airbase A school in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Adammic Air Force / Adammic Army 1st Paper Air Group, Imperial Airbourne, Special Operations 9 January 2014 23 May 2014 Base of operations for High Command during the Astley Meadow Insurgency.
Fort Marie Saundersfoot, Wales, UK Adammic Army N/A 28 July 2014 28 July 2014 A temporary encampment built on the beach during the Imperial Family's holiday to Wales. A stone there has the words "IMPERIVM ADAMMIAE MMXIV" scratched onto it.
Spoliarium Magna Army Base Spoliarium Magna, Borealia Adammic Army 3rd Infantry Regiment 5 November 2014 1 August 2016 Contained "The Bunker", arguably Adammia's most developed military site. Handed over to the Mohawk Empire following the Borealian Independence Referendum.
AAF Dearneland Dearneland Adammic Air Force 1st Imperial Air Group 14 February 2015 5 January 2018 Former Air Force headquarters.
Pererria Naval Base Pererria Adammic Navy 1st Imperial Fleet 20 June 2017 17 February 2020 Originally located in Poole, relocated in January 2018. Former Navy headquarters.