3rd Division (Adammia)

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3rd Division
Active 30 June 2018 - present
Country AdammiaFlag.png Empire of Adammia
Branch Adammic Army
Size 3
Part of Military of Adammia
Headquarters N/A
Weapons Makeshift spear / Air gun
Engagements None
General Sir Alex Read

The 3rd Division (formerly the 3rd Infantry Division) is the expeditionary division of the Adammic Army, consisting of all regiments which are not stationed in the core regions of Yorkshire or Birmingham. It is commanded by General Sir Alex Read. It consists of the 3rd Infantry Regiment (stationed in Loughborough) and the 1st Armoured Regiment (Derbyshire).


The division was established in June 2018 after units such as the 1st Armoured Regiment moved away from the Birmingham area, where they had previously been part of the 2nd Infantry Division. It originally consisted of the 1st Armoured Regiment as well as the 3rd and 4th Infantry Regiments. In January 2019, the latter infantry regiment was transferred to Army Reserves, leaving the unit in its current structure. The division was renamed as the 3rd Division in January 2020. The 6th Infantry Regiment was also part of the division until May 2020.

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