Western Regiment

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Western Regiment
Active 30 May 2013 - present
Country AdammiaFlag.png Empire of Adammia
Branch Adammic Army
Size 1
Part of 1st Division
Headquarters Tytannia Army Base
Weapons Plastic sword / makeshift spear / Nerf gun
Engagements Skirmish of Astley Meadow
Colonel Sir Matthew Foster

The Western Regiment, formerly the Tytannia Regiment (and alternatively known as the 1st Infantry Regiment), is the oldest unit within the Adammic Army in the Empire of Adammia. It is a component of the 1st Division. The first ever recruits into the Adammic Army (those who fought at the Skirmish of Tytannia, before the unit's creation) were assigned to the unit. Besides these two, there was once a third member who fought at the Skirmish of Astley Meadow.

The regiment was comprised of the Primoria Battalion and the Watertopia Battalion until June 2018, when the unit was reduced in size, forcing its sub-units to dissolve. It is responsible for defending North Adammia.

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