2nd Division (Adammia)

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2nd Division
Active22 July 2014 - 1 August 2016
17 March 2017 - present
Country Empire of Adammia
BranchAdammic Army
Part ofMilitary of Adammia
HeadquartersFort Alluria
WeaponsMakeshift spear / Air gun
GeneralLord Panconi

The 2nd Division (formerly the 2nd Infantry Division) is the division of the Adammic Army responsible for defending South Adammia and promoting the Empire's interests in the West Midlands. It is commanded by Lord General Panconi and consists of the 2nd Medical Regiment, the 1st Logistics Regiment and Special Operations. The 5th Infantry Regiment and the 1st Medical Regiment, Army Reserve units, are nominally attached to the division.


The division was originally the successor to the military forces once serving in DEONQED, which were merged with the Adammic Army when DEONQED was transformed into the Adammic territory (later Colony) of Borealia in July 2014. The 2nd Infantry was the main army unit for Borealia and the Empire's other interests around Devon, United Kingdom. During 2014 and 2015 it was arguably the most active of the Army's divisions, as it was in a constant state of confrontation with nihilistic barbarians or "chavs" who roamed the area around Borealia. Following the Borealian Independence Referendum in August 2016, half of the Division's members left the Adammic Army, forcing the Division to disband. However, its sub-units survived, albeit much reduced in size.

In March 2017, the unit was revived, now operating from Alluria as the Empire's main unit for the West Midlands, and comprised of the 5th Infantry Regiment and the 1st Medical Regiment. In May 2018, the 1st Armoured Regiment was added to the division, but it was transferred to the 3rd Infantry Division a month later. In January 2019, the 2nd Medical Regiment was added to the division. The 1st Logistics Regiment was added in January 2020, at which time the division was renamed as the 2nd Division, reflecting its increasing diversification away from solely infantry-based units.

In September 2020, some of the divisions's regiments were moved to the Army Reserves due to inactivity.


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