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Colony of Alluria

Colony of the Empire of Adammia

West Midlands, Great Britain
Founded 8 October 2016
Population 5
Area 130m²
Government Autocracy
Governor Madam Anna Darke

Alluria is a Colony of the Empire of Adammia, surrounded by the county of West Midlands in the United Kingdom. It is made up of five bedrooms, a hallway and a kitchen on the second floor of a residential building. It is the term-time residence of Emperor Adam I.


The leader of Alluria is its Governor, who has autocratic control over the colony, within the confines of the Supreme Directive.

List of Governors

  • HIM Emperor Adam I (8 October 2016 - 17 March 2017)
  • Madam Anna Darke (17 March 2017 - present)

Governor's staff

  • Sir Alex Hasioszyn - Director of Communications
  • HIM Emperor Adam I - Assistant Director of Communications


Emperor's Quarters

Numerous entities which are run by Emperor Adam have their headquarters in Alluria, including:

2nd Infantry Division Headquarters

Although not an official Adammic Army base, the quarters of General Sir Luca Panconi act as the de-facto headquarters of the 2nd Infantry Division.

Luca's Bar & Casino

Situated in Alluria's kitchen, Luca's Bar & Casino (formerly simply Luca's Bar) is the only establishment of its kind in Adammia. However, the casino element is simply a Twister spinner acting as a Roulette table. It is also known for being the location where all three Joe Daniels card games were created.

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