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Colony of Alluria

Colony of the Empire of Adammia

West Midlands, Great Britain
Founded 8 October 2016
Population 9
Area 310m²
Government Autocracy
Governor Madam Anna Darke

Alluria is a Colony of the Empire of Adammia, surrounded by the county of West Midlands in the United Kingdom. It consists of two non-contiguous counties; the first, South Alluria, is the term-time residence of Emperor Adam I, whilst North Alluria is home to the bulk of the colony's population.


The leader of Alluria is its Governor, who has autocratic control over the colony, within the confines of the Supreme Directive.

List of Governors

  • HIM Emperor Adam I (8 October 2016 - 17 March 2017)
  • Madam Anna Darke (17 March 2017 - present)

Governor's staff

  • Sir Alex Hasioszyn - Director of Communications
  • HIM Emperor Adam I - Assistant Director of Communications


  • Lord Sir Alex Helliker - Count of South Alluria
  • General Sir Luca Panconi - Count of North Alluria


Alluria was founded on 8 October 2016 a few weeks after Emperor Adam I moved in to halls of residence to study at the University of Birmingham, following discussions between the Emperor and his flatmate Luca Panconi, who had just enlisted in the Adammic Army. Over the next few months, Alluria would expand to include the majority of the flat's residents. In March 2017, the Emperor handed civilian control of the colony to his flatmate Madam Anna Darke, making her governor. Meanwhile, Panconi had set up Luca's Bar and Casino where the Joe Daniels card games were invented, developing the local culture of the colony.

In June 2017, the residents of Alluria left the original territory, and began to move into new accomodation a couple of kilometres away. In September 2017, the Emperor partitioned the colony, abandoning the original territory and creating the new counties of North and South Alluria, the former being the residence of many of his former flatmates, and the latter being his own residence, which he now shared with Lord Sir Alex Helliker, his legal advisor and an Ordo Vladius member.


South Alluria

South Alluria consists of a 4-person terraced house which acts as the term-time residence of Emperor Adam I. Numerous entities which are run by Emperor Adam have their headquarters in Alluria, including:

North Alluria

North Alluria consists of a large, 9-person terraced house. Although not an official Adammic Army base, the quarters of General Lord Sir Luca Panconi act as the de-facto headquarters of the 2nd Infantry Division. Situated in North Alluria's kitchen, Luca's Bar & Casino (formerly simply Luca's Bar) is the only establishment of its kind in Adammia. However, the casino element is simply a Twister spinner acting as a Roulette table.

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