1st Armoured Regiment

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1st Armoured Regiment
Active 19 May 2018 - present
Country AdammiaFlag.png Empire of Adammia
Branch Adammic Army
Size 1
Part of 3rd Division
Headquarters N/A
Nickname The Militia
Weapons N/A
Colonel Lord Sir Asher Bond

The 1st Armoured Regiment is a unit within the Adammic Army in the Empire of Adammia, stationed in rural Derbyshire. It is a component of the 3rd Division and is commanded by Lord Colonel Sir Asher Bond.

Despite its name, the unit primarily serves as a standard infantry regiment. Its name derives from a joke within Adammic social circles about Bond owning a tank. When created in May 2018, the unit was attached to the 2nd Infantry Division, but it was transferred to the 3rd Infantry Division a month later.

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