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Colony of the Empire of Adammia
Great Britain
Founded4 January 2014
DukeLord Admiral Hall

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Myway is a colony of the Empire of Adammia. It is located within the Region of North Adammia and is 1232m² in size, and has 3 resident citizens. Myway includes part of a river that runs through the United Kingdom, making 302m² of the province water. It also includes a bungalow house, a garage, a large garden, and two outbuildings which are currently being renovated as the Admiralty, the headquarters of the Adammic Navy as part of Myway Docks Naval Base. The colony was a province between 2014 and 2017, before being downgraded to a colony by the Empire of Adammia Act 2017 at the end of the First Era.


Myway is named after the residential property in which it is situated, also called Myway, as denoted by a sign at the entrance to the property. This name was invented by a previous resident of the property, and it is believed to refer to the notion that in constructing the property's main buildings, this owner did things his own way ("my way"). Another theory is that it refers to the Frank Sinatra song, My Way.


Adammic tradition holds that, during the 19th Century, ancestors of the House of Hall used to carry out poaching on the land which is now known as Myway. Christopher Hall and his family moved into the property in 2011.

At a Ruling Council meeting in December 2013, Sir Reginald Hall suggested that the property of his son, Christopher Hall, should be annexed to the Empire. A treaty of annexation was signed by Emperor Adam I and Christopher Hall on 4 January 2014, making Myway the Empire of Adammia's fifth province. Myway remained a province until the end of the First Era. During this time, Myway became known for the slow communications between it and the Adammic central government, which led it to being seen as the most "lawless" of the Adammic provinces. Local elections were often held weeks or months late. Myway Docks Naval Base was commissioned in 2014, but it would not be set up until years later.

On 28 October 2017, the Empire of Adammia Act downgraded Myway to colony status. In June 2018, Myway Docks Naval Base was finally set up, after Lord Hall and his family acquired a canoe, the HMIS Eagle. The naval base is currently the home port of the 1st Imperial Fleet and is the headquarters of the Adammic Navy, with the now Lord Admiral Hall serving as chief-of-staff of the Navy.


The landed noble of Myway is Lord Admiral Sir Christopher Hall, 1st Duke of Myway. He is currently the colony's governor.

Provincial Government (2014 - 2017)


  • Sir Christopher Hall (4 January 2014 - 28 October 2017)


Year Councilor Party Notes
2014 Madam Debbie Shaw Independent
2016 Eleanor Hall Labour Party


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