Deputy Prime Minister of Adammia

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Deputy Prime Minister of the
Empire of Adammia
Sir Ned Hilton

since 8 December 2022
Term lengthOne year
Inaugural holderHG Sir Reginald Hall
Formation30 June 2013
SalaryNone claimed

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Empire of Adammia is the deputy head of that nation's executive branch, the Imperial Government. They are responsible for exercising the powers of the Prime Minister if the Prime Minister is unavailable. The position is appointed out of the members of the Ruling Council by the Prime Minister. The current Deputy PM is Sir Ned Hilton.

Between the creation of the post in 2013 and the rise of political parties in 2015, the position was given as a concession to the losing candidate in national elections. Since 2015, the position has usually been given to the leader of a junior party within a governing coalition.

Picture Name Province Political party Term Term start Term end Prime Minister Notes
1 HG Sir Reginald Hall DPM COA Tytannia Independent 1 1 September 2013 17 August 2014 HIH Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher Never exercised the powers of the Deputy PM.
2 HG Madam Julie Foster DPM DOA Watertopia Independent 2 17 August 2014 20 August 2016 Never exercised the powers of the Deputy PM during this term.
Moderate 3 Became the first Deputy PM to exercise their powers by authorising a Cabinet meeting in December 2015. Only Deputy PM to date to have served two consecutive terms.
3 HG Sir Reginald Hall DPM COA Tytannia Labour 4 20 August 2016 28 October 2017 HG Sir Paul McKenna Frequently stood in for the Prime Minister during Cabinet meetings.
5 HIH Prince Jake Brief appointment, only stood in for the Prime Minister once.
4 HG Sir Alex Helliker DPM KOV Serkatia Moderate 28 October 2017 2 December 2017 Provisional appointment. Effectively the acting Prime Minister for the provisional Cabinet set up in Birmingham following the enactment of the Empire of Adammia Act 2017.
5 HG Lord General Sir Luca Panconi DPM KCM Alluria Liberal 6 2 December 2017 23 October 2018 Lord Helliker Extremely inactive, never exercised powers.
6 HG Lord Sir Sam Maude DPM KCM Serkatia Labour 7 23 October 2018 10 October 2019 Lord Saunders Occasionally stood in for the Prime Minister at PMQs. Often mediated between the Storm-dominated government and the Liberal-Moderate opposition.
7 Lady Madam Hermione Peace DPM DCM Metchlia Dank 8 10 October 2019 14 October 2020 Lord Michael Largely inactive.
8 Lord Billy Thompson DPM COA Sheaffia RGA 9 14 October 2020 7 September 2021 Lord Saunders Announced a number of radical government policies without consulting other coalition parties, which were never implemented. Became the first Deputy Prime Minister to resign during their term.
9 Rt. Hon. Lord Callum Gurr DPM KCM and Rt. Hon. Lord Colonel Asher Bond DPM COA Abroad Storm 10 25 October 2021 8 December 2022 Lord Green First time the position was held by two people simultaneously, and the first ever job-share in the history of the Adammic cabinet.
10 Sir Ned Hilton DPM COA Abroad Liberal-Moderate 11 8 December 2022 Incumbent Lord Michael

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