IV Legislature (Adammia)

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This is a list of members of the Empire of Adammia's Ruling Council during the term of IV Legislature, from 2016-2017.

IV Legislature
III Legislature V Legislature
Meeting placeWhite Gold Palace
Term20 August 2016 – 7 July 2017
Election2016 Adammic local elections
GovernmentMcKenna Cabinet
Ruling Council
IV Legislature 2.png
MembersGovernment (12)
ChairEmperor Adam I
Prime MinisterLord Paul McKenna
Deputy Prime MinisterLord Reginald Hall
Leader of the OppositionNone
Position Name (& Titles) Held office since Political party Notes
Councilor of Primoria HIH Crown Prince Daniel 26 July 2014 Independent Minister of Science and Technology
Councilor of Tytannia HG Sir Reginald Hall 3 August 2013 Labour Party Deputy Prime Minister
Councilor of Maternia HIH Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher 18 July 2013 Moderate Party Minister of Citizenship
Councilor of Watertopia HG Madam Julie Foster 12 January 2014 Moderate Party Minister of Information
Councilor of Myway Eleanor Hall 20 August 2016 Labour Party Government backbench
Duke of Primoria HIH Prince Jake 31 July 2014 Liberal Party Minister of Defence
Duke of Tytannia HG Sir David Hall 11 April 2016 Labour Party Minister of the Environment
Duke of Maternia HG Sir Paul McKenna 31 July 2014 Labour Party Prime Minister
Duke of Watertopia HG Sir Matthew Foster 20 August 2015 Liberal Party Junior minister
Duke of Myway HG Sir Christopher Hall 4 January 2014 Liberal Party Government backbench
Delegate of Abroad Citizens Lord Sir Andrew Hall 20 August 2013 Moderate Party Minister of Culture
Delegate of the Colonies HIM Emperor Adam I 19 August 2013 Liberal Party Monarch, Lord Chancellor, Minister of Foreign Affairs