X Legislature (Adammia)

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X Legislature
IX Legislature XI Legislature
Meeting placeVarious
Term18 October 2021 –
Election2021 Adammic general election
2021 Adammic local elections
GovernmentGreen Cabinet
House of Citizens
MembersGovernment (11)

Opposition (2)

SpeakerEmperor Adam I
Deputy SpeakerVacant
Prime MinisterLord James Green
Deputy Prime MinistersLord Callum Gurr and Lord Col. Asher Bond
Leader of the OppositionSir Alex Waters (de-facto)
Ruling Council
MembersGovernment (6)

Opposition (3)

ChairEmperor Adam I
Prime MinisterLord James Green
Council opposition leader (de-facto)Lady Ems Simpson

Ruling Council

Position Name (& Titles) Held office since Political party Notes
Councilor of Greater Tytannia HIH Emperor Mother Jayne 3 October 2020 Liberal-Moderate
Councilor of Metchlia Lord James Green 3 October 2020 Liberal-Moderate Prime Minister
Councilor of Corellia Alex Lloyd 3 October 2020 Ind. Party
Councilor of Llanadda Lady Ems Simpson 26 October 2021 Independent In lieu as Duchess
Dukes and Duchesses
Duke of Greater Tytannia HG Lord Paul McKenna 4 October 2020 Independent
Duke of Metchlia HG Lord Charles Michael 4 October 2020 Liberal-Moderate Minister of Defence
Duchess of Corellia HG Lady Lucy Griffiths 21 September 2019 Storm
Duchess of Llanadda HG Lady Ems Simpson 1 March 2020 Independent De-facto Council opposition leader
Miscellaneous members
Delegate of the Colonies Sir Joe Norris 16 October 2021 Liberal-Moderate

House of Citizens

Name (& Titles) Held office since Political party Notes
Lord Charles Michael 24 September 2019 Liberal-Moderate Minister of Defence
HIM Emperor Adam I 24 September 2019 Liberal-Moderate Speaker
Lord James Green 8 April 2021 Liberal-Moderate Prime Minister, Minister of Finance
Lord Patrick Gilbert 6 October 2020 Liberal-Moderate Minister of National Development
Sir Ned Hilton 18 October 2021 Liberal-Moderate Minister of Citizenship and Information
Sir Joe Norris 18 October 2021 Liberal-Moderate Prime Minister's Director of Communications
Emperor Mother Jayne 18 October 2021 Liberal-Moderate
Lord Juliano Saunders 6 October 2020 Independent Party Minister of Foreign Affairs
Lord Callum Gurr 18 October 2021 Storm co-Deputy Prime Minister
Lord Colonel Asher Bond 24 September 2019 Storm co-Deputy Prime Minister
Lady Hermione Peace 24 September 2019 Dank Minister of Social Engagement and Joy
Sir Alex Waters 18 October 2021 Independent de-facto Leader of the Opposition
Tom Thornhill 18 October 2021 Independent