Adammic constitutional referendum, June 2013

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Adammic constitutional referendum
30 June 2013

Referendum on the new Supreme Directive
LocationEmpire of Adammia

A referendum was held in the Empire of Adammia on 30 June 2013 to determine whether the proposed new Supreme Directive would be enacted. It was the first ever public vote in Adammic history. There was unanimous support for adopting the new Supreme Directive, which remains in force to this day, albeit heavily amended.


The First Amendment to the original April 2013 Supreme Directive, enacted on 2 May 2013, made it a requirement that any future changes to the Empire's fundamental law would require the backing of the public in a referendum.

On 2 June 2013, in a speech in Imperial Square, Emperor Adam I first hinted at his plans for substantial political reform, mentioning an "Adammic Parliament" which would later become the Ruling Council. The original plan was to propose a second amendment to the existing Supreme Directive; however, the Emperor decided that the old Supreme Directive was too poorly written in general, and was beyond saving. Instead, he drafted a new Supreme Directive from scratch. This was unveiled in a press conference on 23 June 2013, which was recorded by the newly-founded Adammic Online Broadcasting.


Votes %
Yes 8 &10000000000000100000000100.00%
No 0 &100000000000000000000000.00%
Valid votes 8 &10000000000000100000000100.00%
Invalid or blank votes 0 &100000000000000000000000.00%
Total votes 8 100.00%
Eligible to vote/turnout 14 &1000000000000005714000057.14%


The new Supreme Directive was signed by the Emperor shortly after the result was announced, creating the Ruling Council, the National Government and the Grand Court. The referendum effectively ended the absolute monarchy in Adammia, replacing it with the executive consitutional monarchy which remains in effect to this day.

In March 2016, the Public Holidays Act 2016 made 30 June a public holiday, known as Democracy Day. Adammia's fifth Democracy Day, on 30 June 2018, was marked by the commissioning of the HMIS Eagle, the Adammic Navy's first ever vessel.

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