Ordo Vladius

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Ordo Vladius
Awarded by Grand Master Vladek
TypeChivalric order
StatusCurrently awarded
Grand MasterPatrick Vladek
Total inductees3
Next (lower)Order of the Meerkat

The Ordo Vladius is a chivalric order headquartered in The Netherlands which is allied with the Empire of Adammia. The Ordo Vladius is primarily an informal group of gamers and forum role-players focused on jocularly "purging heretics" over the Internet. Following an agreement between Patrick Vladek, the founder of the group, and Adam I, Emperor of Adammia, on 10 June 2013, the Ordo Vladius was recognised as a chivalric order by Adammia. As part of the agreement, all members of the Ordo Vladius are given automatic full citizenship in the Empire, in exchange for representing the Empire and providing occasional assistance to the Emperor. Prior to the arrival of Lord Sir John Smith in Adammia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs used the Ordo Vladius as a pool of replacement ambassadors when the Emperor was too busy to represent the Empire in the Grand Unified Micronational. Today, the Ordo Vladius carries out very few official Adammic functions, generally only being called upon to police the Empire of Adammia Skype Lounge when the Emperor is absent for long periods. Despite this, the Emperor has implied that they should be held in high regard, equating them to the Blades in the fictional Elder Scrolls universe. They are considered to be the Monarch's personal ambassadorial team, separate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' main ambassadorial staff, and hence the Grand Master of the Ordo Vladius is a member of the Office of the Emperor staff.


Former members

  • At one point in 2013, Jarod York was listed as the personal assistant of Sir Alex Helliker, and was known as Jarod York Esq. until the position was removed a few months later, causing him to be one of the few people to ever have Adammic citizenship rescinded.