Adammic constitutional amendment referendum, 2019

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Adammic constitutional amendment referendum, 2019
27 April 2019

Referendum on the Sixth Amendment to the Supreme Directive
LocationEmpire of Adammia

A referendum was held in the Empire of Adammia on 27 April 2019 to determine if the proposed Sixth Amendment to the Supreme Directive should be adopted.


In the run-up to the 2018 National Election, the newly-founded populist Storm Party called for sweeping constitutional reforms to limit the power of the Monarchy. The Labour Party made a similar pledge. The Liberal-Moderate Party addressed the appetite for constitutional reform by pledging to introduce direct democracy at the provincial level.

The Storm Party won the election and formed a coalition government with the Labour Party and the Dank Party. In February 2019, key members of the government and the opposition, including Prime Minister Lord Saunders and Emperor Adam I, met at an informal summit to negotiate a cross-party consensus on constitutional reform. It was agreed that a new online chamber should be created to allow non-territorial citizens to participate, a key demand of the governing parties. The powers of the Monarchy were barely affected in the end, and the Liberal-Moderate proposal for direct democracy local councils was included in the agreement.

The Great Reform Act was passed in March 2019, which set the date of the referendum as the 27th of April and included as an appendix the text of the Sixth Amendment.


The Storm Party was the only party to campaign in the referendum, advocating for passing the amendment. The Liberal-Moderates, considering the result to be a foregone conclusion based on historical constitutional referenda results, did not bother to campaign. There was no organised opposition to the amendment.


Votes %
Yes 22 &1000000000000008462000084.62%
No 4 &1000000000000001538000015.38%
Valid votes 26 &1000000000000009629999996.30%
Invalid or blank votes 1 &100000000000000037000003.70%
Total votes 27 100.00%
Eligible to vote/turnout 47 &1000000000000005745000057.45%

Breakdown by administrative division

Territorial division Turnout For Against
Greater Tytannia 25.0% 2 0
Serkatia 100.0% 3 0
Alluria 71.4% 2 2
Dank-upon-Bourn 100.0% 1 0
Corellia 100.0% 2 0
Myway 0.0% 0 0
Midgard 0.0% 0 0
Non-territorial 66.7% 12 2
Total 57.4% 22 4


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