Astley Meadow Insurgency

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Astley Meadow Insurgency

Astley Meadow, the source of the conflict
Date~13 January 2014 - 23 May 2014
Result Strategic Adammic victory

Adammia Military of Adammia

w:United Kingdom British insurgency
Commanders and leaders
Adammia Emperor Adam I, Grand Marshal w:United Kingdom Luke Hodgkinson
13 1

The Astley Meadow Insurgency, sometimes referred to as the Luke H. Insurgency, was a small-scale conflict involving the Empire of Adammia and a hostile British teenager during early 2014. Sparked by the Adammic invasion and claim of the territory of Astley Meadow, the conflict's biggest flashpoint was the Skirmish of Astley Meadow. The conflict then remained dormant for most of its duration except for a few occasional incidents. It was deemed ended when all the belligerents were removed from the confrontational circumstances.


At the beginning of 2014, Emperor Adam I of Adammia began to introduce the Empire to his schoolfriends at the British high school he was attending. In the first week of the term, four individuals became honourary Adammic citizens, and two of them joined the Adammic Army to create the elite Special Operations unit. A base was formally established around a staircase in the school, and discussions between the new recruits and the Emperor led to an informal High Command. This was a major boost to the armed forces and it allowed the Empire's government to consider using their new manpower to expand to new territories.

On Saturday 11 January 2014, Emperor Adam, as Minister of Defence, mobilised the Military of Adammia so that it could be used to occupy land and create new Territorial Claims. The next day, the Watertopia Battalion invaded Tytannia Ulterior and the Jagstonian Plains, increasing the surface area of the Empire by around 30 times. Immediately following this, during the second week of term, plans began to be formed for the occupation of a third region. These plans, and news of the previous occupations, soon reached a number of students at the British school. The targeted area was a park frequented by many of the Emperor's year group at lunchtimes, including several honourary Adammic citizens. The area was scouted during the third week of term, and citizen application forms were distributed to more interested students, one of whom became another soldier in the Army. As a result of this, one student, Luke Hodgkinson, reacted negatively, destroying application forms and denouncing the Emperor as "evil". He threatened the Empire with war, which the Adammic government did not recognise, due to the fact that he did not represent a micronation or organised group of any sort.



  • Tuesday 21st - The Adammic military decides to proceed with the occupation of the park. Emperor Adam meets Sergeant Jack Rhodes of the Special Operations unit and Ben Arnold, an honourary citizen. These three than travel to the park, where many of their fellow students are present, and the Emperor declares the territory claimed as part of the Empire. Luke throws a few paper projectiles at the Emperor, which are largely ignored. Apart from this, the operation is a success. Later that day, Imperial Decree XIX is issued, naming the new territory Astley Meadow.
  • Thursday 23rd - The Skirmish of Astley Meadow takes place. Emperor Adam, while visiting Astley Meadow, is attacked by Luke, and calls upon Sergeant Rhodes for help. Rhodes successfully summons Private Michael Mellor and a couple of pro-Adammic British students, who briefly engage with Luke until he accidentally sustains a minor injury. The Adammic counter-attack then desists, but the Emperor warns Luke against making more attacks in future.
  • Friday 24th - During another visit to Astley Meadow, the Emperor is verbally harrassed by Luke. The Emperor orders Sergeant Rhodes to arrest Luke, and after being carried away, he soon gives up.


  • Unknown - Luke talks to a few honourary Adammic citizens in an attempt to recruit them to his cause and incite a rebellion in the Empire. The citizens involved swiftly rebuke this. The now-Corporal Mellor overhears this and reports it to the Emperor.
  • Unknown - During a science lesson at the British school, the scarcity of a particular worksheet at a table containing Luke, the Emperor and several Adammic Army members prompts Luke to steal the Emperor's copy of the sheet. Emperor Adam orders the now-Lieutenant Rhodes to retrieve the sheet, which he successfully does. This is the last direct engagement between the two sides in the conflict.


  • Thursday 6th - The Adammic Air Force, which contains only Commodore Tom Bennett, is authorised by the Emperor to carry out a "drone strike" against Luke, during another science lesson at the same table as the previous engagement. Bennett throws a paper projectile at Luke, which misses and goes unnoticed. This is the last hostile action taken during the conflict.


  • Thursday 22nd - The Adammic Military High Command, now operating in a Skype chatroom, is instructed by the Emperor to carry out a final push to obtain new citizens for the Empire on the following day, as this is the final day of the Emperor's year group at the British school. In this message, the Emperor warns that Luke could use this final chance to re-attempt inciting a rebellion, and the units are warned to look out for this. These are the last orders issued by the Emperor regarding the insurgency.
  • Friday 23rd - After the final day ends without confrontation, Emperor Adam formally dismisses the troops gathered at Astley Meadow. Later that day, the Military of Adammia is demobilised by the Ministry of Defence. Now that they no longer attend the school or visit Astley Meadow regularly, the Adammic armed forces and Luke cannot come into contact by normal means. As this day marks the last day engagements could have happened, this day is generally taken to be the end of the conflict.

Adammic order of battle


The Astley Meadow Insurgency was quickly forgotten in the months after the Emperor's year group finished school. Now that Astley Meadow was no longer frequented by Adammic citizens, it no longer had any value and was soon abandoned - the last gathering of Adammic citizens took place there in June 2014 during a break between GCSE exams. On 14 July 2014, Decree XXVI disestablished Astley Meadow and ceded the land back to the United Kingdom.

With Luke no longer posing a threat to Astley Meadow, there was no longer any immediate threat to the central region of the Empire. As a result, the large numbers of troops who had enlisted just before and during the insurgency, who had provided the means to control Astley Meadow, were no longer needed, and were made redundant en masse in November 2014, halving the total size of the military. For the next two years, apart from ceremonial guard units, the bulk of active Adammic servicemen were in Borealia, defending against barbarian "chavs" and the possible threat of the mysterious Mohawkian Empire.

Despite the conflict never having a formal ceasefire or treaty to end it, it is widely considered to be over and to have been an Adammic victory. This is because, whilst neither side ever capitulated, Adammia was successful in its goal of defending Astley Meadow, whereas Luke's goals of destroying the Empire were not met.

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