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Country Empire of Adammia
Region South Adammia
Province Metchlia
County Dankia
Established 29 September 2018 (29 August 2019 as a Town)
Disestablished 5 September 2020
 - Lady Mayor Lady Worthington
 - Total 0.000008 km2 (0 sq mi)
 - Water 0 km2 (0 sq mi)
Elevation 128 m (419 ft)
Population (2019)
 - Total 1
Time zone UTC (UTC0)

Dank-upon-Bourn was a town in the Empire of Adammia located in the county of Dankia in the province of Metchlia. It was 8m² in size and consisted of the bedroom of a terraced house located in Birmingham. It was the residence of Lady Hermione Peace.


The name Dank-upon-Bourn refers to the town's proximity to Bourn Brook. Emperor Adam I and Lady Peace came up with the name at a house party whilst under the influence of alcohol, which may explain the town's unusual name.


Dank-upon-Bourn was originally established as a fully-fledged province in September 2018, consisting of Lady Peace's both bedroom and garden at her university residence. In August 2019, these territories were relocated, and were merged with two new residences in the same area to form the province of Metchlia. At this point, Dank-upon-Bourn was downgraded to the status of a town. It was disestablished along with the rest of Dankia in September 2020.

Provincial government (2018 - 2019)

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