Imperial Mail

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Imperial Mail
Government-owned company
IndustryPostal services
Founded8 March 2014
FounderGovernment Bodies and Postal Service Act 2014
Area served
Adammic Provinces, Lagentia
Key people
Emperor Adam I, Postmaster-general
ProductsMail delivery, stamps
£0.00 Steady
£0.00 Steady
Total assets£0.00 Steady
Total equity£0.00 Steady
OwnerMinistry of National Development and Culture
Number of employees
All figures given for 2019-20 financial year.

Imperial Mail is the official postal service and a government-owned company of the Empire of Adammia. It was created by the Government Bodies and Postal Service Act 2014 and is owned by the Ministry of National Development. Its only Postmaster-General has been Emperor Adam I. Imperial Mail has yet to find commercial success and has sold only a handful of stamps, however, it has delivered government mail, specifically the invitations sent by the Ministry of Defence to members of the Military of Adammia for the Foundation Day celebrations on 12 April 2014. A number of stamps were sold to travel writer Jonny Blair during Adammia's first tourist visit.


2014 series 3p stamp

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