Greater Tytannia

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Greater Tytannia

Province of the Empire of Adammia
Great Britain
CapitalImperial City (de facto)
Founded28 October 2017
GovernmentLocal Government of Greater Tytannia
DukeLord McKenna
CouncilorEmperor Mother Jayne

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Greater Tytannia is a province of the Empire of Adammia located in the region of North Adammia. It is 1849m² in size and consists of four non-contiguous counties: Tytannia, Primoria, Maternia and Watertopia. During the First Era, between 2013 and 2017, the counties which now form Greater Tytannia were individual provinces, and at this time they were considered to be the heartlands of the Empire.


The name Greater Tytannia refers to the fact that the province consists of counties which were once themselves the core provinces of Adammia, at a time when Tytannia housed the capital city, Imperial City, and was considered the de-facto capital province. The name Tytannia comes from the name of the ship Titanic. A 'y' was substituted in much in the style of Slin-Englysh, though this is coincidental.


Dukes and Duchesses


Year Councilor Party Notes
2017 HIM Emperor Adam I Liberal Party Minister of Foreign Affairs (2013–18)
2018 Liberal-Moderate
2020 HIH Emperor Mother Jayne McKenna Liberal-Moderate



Tytannia was home to the meeting chamber of the Ruling Council and the seat of government during the First Era. It is currently the largest county, and is home to the Emperor's grandfather, Sir Reginald Hall.


Primoria is home to the Emperor's residence during academic holidays and most of the immediate Imperial Family. Adammia's oldest territory can be found within Adamsville in the centre of the county.


Maternia was traditionally the site of the Office of the Prime Minister, and multiple former Prime Ministers, including inaugural PM HIH Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher, still live there. It is currently the smallest county.


Watertopia is home to some of the extended family of the Emperor within the House of Hall.

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