Liberal Party (Adammia)

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Liberal Party
Leader Lord General Panconi
Deputy Leader Vacant
President Emperor Adam I
Founded 4 August 2013
Headquarters Adamsville
Membership  (2017) 8
Ideology Liberalism
Political position Centrism
Ruling Council
4 / 10

The Liberal Party of Adammia is currently one of five political parties in the Empire of Adammia. It was established by Emperor Adam I on 4 August 2013. For most of its history it was mostly dormant and had only one member. It did not field any candidates in the 2013 National Elections, as its only Councilor was prohibited from running due to being Monarch. Despite a party political broadcast[1], it lost that single Councilor in the 2014 local elections, with the Delegate of the Colonies being its only presence on the Ruling Council. Until 12 October 2014, the Liberal Party was known as the Liberal Imperialist Secular Technocratic Party or LIST Party, when it was renamed by the party President, Adam I, in an effort to rebrand the party.

On 25 July 2015, the Liberal Party gained two new members, Prince Jake and Sir Matthew Foster. This was followed by Sir Christopher Hall and Madam Debbie Shaw on 20 August 2016, making it the largest party in Adammia in terms of membership. On 15 July 2017, at a party conference, a constitution was passed creating the separate roles of political Leader and administrative President, and Prince Jake was elected the party's first leader, with the Emperor staying on as party president. Although Prince Jake was successful in becoming the first Liberal Prime Minister, his term was cut short after the Adammic government relocated to new provinces in Birmingham, and he was succeeded as leader by General Sir Luca Panconi.



The current set of Liberal Party policies, set out in its November 2017 Manifesto[2], are as follows:

  • Having the Empire become a full member-state of the Grand Unified Micronational once again.
  • Making sure that the government is financially stable following the recent transition, investigating novel new ways of funding the national website and other expenses.
  • Changing the voting system for local and national elections from first-past-the-post to instant-runoff voting, more commonly known as the Alternative Vote (AV).
  • Creating non-binary gender alternatives for official titles and styles.
  • Investigating the possibility of having the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosting or co-hosting a micronational summit in either Birmingham or London in 2018.
  • Supporting the creation of a tapestry to showcase a pictorial history of the Empire as a new national project.
  • Encouraging more economic growth by granting subsidies to new companies, helping them get started.
  • Supporting further expansion of the Empire within the student community of the University of Birmingham.
  • Legislating to flesh out the courts system allowing cases to be heard using proper procedures, and creating a new post of Attorney General to represent the Government.
  • Allowing each province to design its own official flag.
  • Pushing for the creation of place-names in all territories which do not already have them. Once this is done, it will allow the Imperial Institute of Geography to produce a map of the entire Empire for the first time.
  • Pushing for formal diplomatic relations with more micronations, particularly well-known, reputable ones.

Electoral results

Local elections

Election year Popular vote Vote percentage Seats
Count Of total
2014 0 0.0%
1 / 12
2015 1 7.1%
3 / 12
2016 2 16.7%
4 / 12
2017 (1) 1 12.5%
4 / 12
2017 (2) 4 23.5%
4 / 10

National Elections

Election year # of overall votes  % of overall vote +/-
2017 (1) 11 45.8% 45.8%
2017 (2) 8 28.6% 17.2%

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